Buying a Boat: Part Three

Yesterday we examined the merits of both new and used boats. Since there is much more to take into consideration when purchasing a used watercraft, today we’ll take some time to go over some of the essentials to inspect before purchasing a used vessel. In addition to your personal examination, you will want to have a qualified marine surveyor do the same.

Begin by examining for signs of exterior damage; mismatched paint is often an indication of significant bodywork in the past. Check the upholstery, seals around windows and the entire hull thoroughly. Although you may not have an acute knowledge of marine engines, there are a few quick tricks that will give you an indication of how well the previous owner maintained the craft. Examine the oil and transmission fluid, testing for grit content, color and smell—if these fluids are in bad condition, chances are the boat wasn’t well-maintained. Also ensure the previous owner used premium products, such as Yamalube 2M oil.

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