Snowmobile Oil In Alaska

220665_10150161135958754_6480209_oYou wouldn’t think that there’s a whole lot to do in Alaska if you’ve never been there before. That’s certainly what I thought before I had to move out there for business. I was so afraid that there wasn’t going to be anything for me to do recreationally, because I was used to living in warmer areas where I could go to the beach and go surfing or fishing.

Though it’s certainly been difficult getting accustomed to the cold but it hasn’t been difficult getting acclimated to the culture. There’s a lot of snowmobiling here and I’ve made a lot of friends riding around on my snowmobile. I’m always picking up snowmobile oil to make sure it’s running perfectly.

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Yamaha 2M Oil For A Father-Son Fishing Trip

father_son_salmon_fishingEvery year, my father and I go on an annual fishing trip. One caveat to the trip is that we have to decide on a fishing location somewhere that we have never been before. Usually, this means we’ll go to a different lake nearby or something like that, though we did splurge one year and visited South America for a pretty spectacular fishing trip.

This year, however, we’re keeping it low-key, though we did realize that traveling is a fun thing to do when it comes to fishing. What we’re doing this year is loading up with Yamaha 2M oil and taking the boat over to Oregon for some quality father-son bonding time. Every year has been really fun and it’s nice to be able to spend some time with my dad.

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Yamaha History

With roots tracing back to the late 19th century, Yamaha has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers in a wide range of industries. Torakusu Yamaha, the eponymic entrepreneur, began his career as a watchmaker before taking over as the president of Nippon Gakki Co., which eventually become the Yamaha Corporation. The name has become so entrenched in society that many people forget that the company has only had the Yamaha name since the 100th anniversary in 1987.

Originally, Yamaha started out selling piano and reed organs. Although the company has since branched out into a variety of other industries—from motorcycles to Yamalube 2M—musical instrument manufacturing continues to be the foundation of the company. Currently, Yamaha is the world’s leading manufacturer of instruments and had recognized over $4.5 billion in revenue as of March 2009.

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Boat Ownership: Part Three

As I mentioned to other day, you initial investment in your vessel is just that—the initial investment. Just like with a car, you will continually be sinking money into your boat. You may have the budget for a down payment and finance charges, but do you have the means for everything else? And will it really be worth it? Here is a quick rundown of some of the basic costs you’ll have to deal with:

~Finance Payments
~Registration (for boat and trailer) and licensing
~Dock Fees
~Gas and Yamalube oil
~Dock Fees
~Routine Maintenance

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Pulling a Water Skier: Part Two

Once the towrope is taut, give it some gas and accelerate smoothly. A quick caveat before we continue with how to pull a skier: Be sure to adjust your ratio of gasoline to Yamalube oil carefully to ensure peak engine performance. Many people accelerate too slowly, which means the skier will be dragged under the water. Note that if the skier is only using one ski, you will want to give the boat a little extra juice.

After the skier is up, settle in at your cruising speed and head for open water. When making a turn, begin by angling the boat slightly to one side, then bringing it back around in a circle to the other side. Be sure to maintain your speed throughout the turn, as the boat will naturally slow down. Once the circle is complete, straighten your boat out so you are going the opposite direction from which you came. Tomorrow we’ll go over the protocol for when the skier goes down and cover some general safety tips.

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