Mercury Premium Plus for Relaxing Boat Rides

lifestyle 2_0My house is frequently full of kids. I’ve got three kids myself, between the ages of thirteen and seventeen, and our house has become the go-to ‘hangout spot’ for them and all of their friends. Because of this, there is rarely a time where I am able to have any quiet time to myself. I’m fine with my kids having their friends over, but I need to have some ‘me time.’

My favorite way of getting some time to myself is just by filling my boat up with Mercury Premium Plus and taking it out on the water. Sometimes I’ll go fishing and sometimes I’ll just use it as a nice way to get myself isolated so I can do something like read or listen to the radio, without any kids running around all over the place.

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Getting Specific with Mercury 2 Cycle Oil

11882891I’m not someone who’s particularly well-versed when it comes to mechanics. My husband is an engineer who understands things like that much better than I do, whereas I focused on artsy things when I was in college. Thus, when my husband asks me to run an errand for him that’s related to something mechanical he has to do, I always make sure to get all of the facts.

Recently, my husband decided that he was going to do the maintenance on our boat himself. He had the free time to do the work but needed me to pick up some extra items for him. I made him write down everything specific on a list, so that I wouldn’t confuse the Mercury 2 cycle oil that he needed with something else by mistake.

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Seafarers Love To Use Mercury 2 Cycle Oil

1030632085_20f0e0fea9I’ve always been a bit sea-obsessed. When I was a kid, my favorite movie was Finding Nemo and sharks have always been my favorite animal. Even though I have a love for interesting fish, I also enjoy the sport of fishing because I don’t think loving fish and loving fishing have to be mutually exclusive. Seafood is probably my favorite food, so I can’t really resist it.

Needless to say, my love for the sea and for fishing has led me to become an experienced boater as well. My parents have had a boat for a long time.  I learned to drive it as early as I could. I’m learning how to maintain boats and work on them as well, whether they need Mercury 2 cycle oil or another kind of tune-up.

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