Winterizing Yamaha Jet Boat, Part II

Picking up where we left off yesterday… attach the flush hose to the antifreeze container and flush the engine using the same techniques used with the water hose. Once that’s completed, spray fogging oil into the engine carburetor while the engine is running. After a little while, spray enough so the engine stops running. Repeat the cycle with the other engine.

Allow the engines to cool down and then remove the spark plugs. Spray fogging oil into the plugs, and then insert the desiccant plugs. Drain out any remaining water and pump antifreeze throughout via the bilge pump. Use ArmorAll or another cleaner to wipe down cushions and other surfaces, and then cover the boat with a breathable yet weather-resistant tarp. Over the winter you can place an order for Yamalube so you’ll be ready to go once warm weather rolls around.

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Winterizing Yamaha Jet Boat, Part I

Knowing how to winterize watercraft is part of being a responsible boat owner. Today and tomorrow we’re going to focus on how to winterize a Yamaha jet boat. To complete the winterization process, you will need: stabilizer fuel treatment, fogging oil, water hose, flush hose, antifreeze, desiccant plugs, and ArmorAll.

Add fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank of the jet boat prior to its last run of the season. After the outing is over, add another bottle of fuel stabilizer and fill the tank with fuel. Using the water hose, flush the engine for about 30 minutes. Make sure the engine is running when you flush the system, so as not to damage any cylinders. We’ll pick up here tomorrow. You can use the time between posts to make sure you have all the necessary materials, including plenty of Yamaha outboard oil.

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Friendly Family Competition

My brothers and I grew up boating on the Chesapeake Bay. Though most of us live in urban areas now, we still go home for all the major holidays. Our dad still owns a small fleet of boats that he needs help winterizing each year.

To make it less of a chore, my brothers and I have made winterizing the boats into a competition. The first brother to finish winterizing their boat properly wins. Dad, of course, gets to be the judge. He is a particular stickler for making sure that we haven’t shortchanged any areas that need outboard oil.

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Extend the Life of Your Boat with Regular Maintenance: Part 4

Lifelong boaters should know that the proper maintenance of your boat includes more than just regular inspection and care while you’re actively using your boat. Winterization is a major part of maintaining a well-tuned boat during the off-season months. Whether your boat is kept in a climate controlled storage space, is tailored outside or is docked in the water, winterization is key.

The regular inspection of your bilge pumps is another area of great importance when it comes to proper boat maintenance. This one area has the potential to cause irreparable damage to your boat if its maintenance goes neglected. In the event that you would need to use your bilge pump, it’s important to know that your battery has enough power to support the pump for a long period.

Keep your boat in top-notch working condition with Yamalube 2w oil!

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