Extend the Life of Your Boat with Regular Maintenance: Part 2

A lack of proper mooring is one of the most common ways a boat can show scratches and exterior damage. When docking your boat it’s important to make sure that the lines have been drawn taut and are tied securely and coiled neatly to each anchoring knob on the dock. The ropes used to secure your boat to the dock should also be inspected regularly; if they show signs of breakage or tearing, it’s your boats the risks ultimate consequence in the end.

Battery maintenance and inspection holds a great importance for your boat’s life source. It’s vital to ensure that your boats battery has been charged properly before heading out on any aquatic adventure. A 30-second inspection is nothing compared to a boat that’s lost power and is stranded out at sea. Make sure to check the fluid levels of the battery and know that dampness and dirt on the battery’s exterior can drain the battery life.

Be sure to keep things running smoothly with Evinrude xd 50 oil!

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