Beat High Fuel Costs Part 2

Tip Number 2: Slim Down on Gear
The second installment of our money saving tips for more affordable boating might be a bit challenging for some. When you’re heading out on the water for several hours you want to be prepared. What’s more, you’ll want to enjoy the comforts of home. The problem is, hauling all that stuff can have catastrophic consequences for fuel efficiency. In order to do this you’ll want to examine what you’re taking with you and what could potentially be left off the boat during your next outing.

A lot of boaters will take out as much fuel and water as their boat can hold and this is a classic mistake. Rather than haul all that unnecessary stuff you can take just what you need for the day and save yourself some serious headaches at the pump. You can also save yourself some serious cash with regular maintenance and a good motor oil. Buying bulk outboard motor oil is a great way to help increase fuel economy no mater how much you’re hauling.

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