Preseason Boat Maintenance: Part Four

For most of us, many of the components of the boat motor and inner workings of the craft are arcane and obscure. Even so, there are a few critical parts that every boater should check before the season, and if there is something that you are unsure of, be sure to take your craft to a qualified professional. Of course, the first aspect of the motor to inspect is the fuel line; make sure that the line is intact and that there are no signs of wear. Also check the fuel primer bulb and look for any loose fittings or leaks.

After you’ve inspected the fuel line, move to the tank and check for corrosion, rust and any leakage. Once the fuel tank and line are cleared, make sure that the battery holds a charge and has the proper fuel levels. Finally, change your Evinrude XD 100 and top off the other essential fluids, such as coolant.

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