I Always Have Enough Mercury Oil to Last the Trip, Plus Some

1 beautiful sceneryTaking it easy on the weekend isn’t hard when I have my boat ready and raring to go. I love how I can just take it out on the lakes nearby. There are also little passageways for boats to go down, as long as they take it easy. I always make sure I don’t splash people on either side of the passageway! Nonetheless, it’s totally worth going down. It’s absolutely beautiful out there.

What I’ll tend to do is take my boat out there with enough Mercury oil to last the trip, plus some. The thing is, I really do like taking it easy whenever I can. So when I go to the calming rivers and lake areas, they really do uplift my soul. I sometimes spend more time than planned there because of it. It’s not a bad thing, though, as long as I always have enough Mercury oil.

I’m just glad I have this boat. It’s never let me down, as long as I do my part and take care of it. The boat will last for a long time more, I’m sure. And I’m really glad about that, because I’ll be able to take it out again and again. Not to mention, when I do, I’ll always have enough Mercury oil to keep my boat running throughout the whole trip, plus some.

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