Mercury Oil is the Kind of Oil My Boat Runs Best On

mercury motorAs I only got my boat a few months ago, I am still experimenting with different types of oil to see which kinds of oil are the ones that are the best for my motor. I knew that I could read reviews and find plenty of information online about all of the different types of oil, but I would not be able to really know anything until I experienced it myself.

I have tested several types of oil in various different price ranges just so that I could get the best idea about the kind of things that my boat really was able to run well on. I was very happy when I was able to find that the Mercury oil was the one that really seemed to work well. Although I have tried others since trying this one, I know they aren’t as good.

When I run my outboard motor with Mercury brand oil I find that the motor is more efficient and has less of a cloud of smoke around it. This alone makes it so that this particular type of oil is totally worth it for me to purchase. I hate the smoky smell of the motor and this really helps me to cut down on this problem.

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