Mercury Engine Oil to Give an Old Boat New Life

domo online blog 3 9-02-14Since it was a long weekend, I spent a good chunk of my time working an old boat that one of my friends bought and wants to have repaired by next summer. I told him that I would help him when he first purchased the boat, but I hadn’t been able to get time to help him until last weekend. Last weekend, our focus was mainly on cleaning everything up.

The first thing that we did was pressure wash the entire boat to get all of the grime that had built up on it over the last several years to come off. It took a long time to work all of the scum that had collected on it off of the boat. After that we emptied all of the gasoline and oil out of the boat. Eventually, we’ll replace the oil with Mercury engine oil when the boat is actually ready to go out on the water.

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