Mercury Oil Keeps Me Out on the Water to Haul in Crabs

crabbingHaving an outboard motor that I can really rely on is something that is even more important when I am out crabbing. Of course, I always prefer to go out on my boat with a reliable motor, but for crabbing I rely on this motor more. Part of this is because crabbing is mostly dropping off some crabbing pots and then coming back for them after a while.

Not being able to bring those pots back in is something that is really not great for the crabs and bad for me as well. I don’t want to leave my pot out there for too long since I can get a fine for this. Having the perfect kind of outboard motor helps a lot since my motor makes it easy for me to get back and forth to pick up the pots without any trouble.

I keep my motor running reliably by using some excellent Mercury oil on a regular basis. It is always great for me to be able to find some different kinds of crabs that I can bring home and cook. Picking up my crabbing pots regularly helps me to bring in a good catch of crabs each time.

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