Shrimp Boats ~ Sinaloa Mexican Wild Shrimp

The Mexican shrimp fishing industry was born out of Sinaloa, more specifically in the port of Mazatlan, when fishermen of the United States and Japan came to the Sinaloan coast during the mid 1920s. The practice of shrimp fishing had been around for centuries; however, these vessels that arrived transformed this practice from regular domestic consumption into an actual mega industry.

Not too long after the emergence of this booming industry, the first local-built shrimp boat was constructed in Teacapan. It was a wooden boat that measured 50 feet long. By the 1950s, three men – Isaac Coppel, Camilo Medrano and Juan Gavica – recognized the need for quality shrimp in bulk and began to export their services to the United States in an effort to share the marvel of Sinaloa with the world.

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