How to Change Boat Motor Oil: Part Two

Yesterday we went over one of the most common ways to change your boat oil—through the drain plug. However, many engines don’t come equipped with a drain plug or if they do, it is often remote and virtually impossible to reach even after attaching a hose. In these scenarios, it is necessary to purchase a pump to suck the used oil out through the dipstick tube. Before you go purchase a pump, it is important to inspect your dipstick tube to see if it is threaded or not.

If your dipstick tube is threaded, you can simply screw on a pump and the oil will be eradicated after a few pulls. On the other hand, if your tube is not threaded, you will have to insert a pick-up tube into the dipstick tube to remove the Evinrude XD100 oil. When using a pick-up tube, be sure that tube reaches the bottom of the oil pan and that you attach a capped piece of PVC to sheath the pick-up tube.

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