The History of BRP and Evinrude Outboard Oil

Domo-Online Pic 5Bombardier Recreational Products — also known as BRP — is a company that was founded in Quebec in 1942, which initially operated to create snowmobiles and related products. As time has gone on, the company has ventured into other territories including motorcycles, ATVs, and boating. There are a number of different subsidiaries and brands that are owned by BRP.

One of the company’s more recent acquisitions was that of Evinrude Outboard Motors, which was acquired after its former owners filed for bankruptcy. Evinrude Outboard Motors produces plenty of well-reviewed products including Evinrude outboard oil, which is perfect when used for outboard motors on boats.

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Shopping for Mercury Oil

domo online blog 4 12-16-13My family loves to go boating. Just about everyone in the family owns a boat. Every summer, we would get together and go out to one of the islands with our boats. For some reason, we almost always took hours to leave the marina. My grandpa was obsessed with keeping his boat perfectly maintained, so often he would have some last minute project to complete.

I remember one time, he sent my mother and I to get Mercury oil from the shop near the marina. Of course, he did not think to tell us what kind to get. We were left staring at various different types of oil, oblivious to whether he needed premium oil or some other type. Eventually, we were delayed even longer by having to ask him.

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Keeping the Engine Running with Evinrude XD50 Oil

domo online blog 3 12-16-13My father owned a boat when I was growing up. That boat was the bane of his existence. Every winter, when the boat didn’t go out very much, he would run it a few times to make sure that the engine didn’t break. Every spring, without fail, something would go wrong. One year the steering stopped working. The next it leaked oil.

He would go out to the boat, armed with a gallon of Evinrude XD50 oil and come home cursing and stomping, because there was always one more thing wrong with it. Just when he thought that he had the boat fixed, it would die, usually in some extremely inconvenient place. While the boat refused to work properly most of the time, he loved it and would never part with it.

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Buying Bulk Outboard Motor Oil

domo online blog 2 12-16-13When you think of huge drums of motor oil, you’re probably thinking of big companies leaking oil into the river or action movies where drums of oil explode. In reality drums of oil are not nearly as unstable. You can safely buy and store motor oil, without worrying that your whole garage will spontaneously go up in flame.

If you purchase bulk outboard motor oil for your boat, you can save a lot of money by buying an entire drum of oil, rather than small containers. Containers are tested prior to sale so that they do not leak. Oil can be stored for a long time in these drums without giving you any reason to worry.

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Explaining 2 Stroke Oil

domo online blog 1 12-16-13When you go to an automotive or boating store, you will see many different types of oil. To me, all those numbers, names, and phrases mean essentially nothing. They are all confusing and complicated. What I basically understand is that there are different types of oil for different types of engines. Car engines differ from boat motors, so they use different oil.

For example, 2 stroke oil is a type of engine oil that is used for two stroke engines. Engines that require this type of oil are generally small motors, like the kind that you would find in your lawn mower. The oil is added directly to the gasoline, rather than in some special tank. This means that the oil will be consumed in the same way that gasoline is.

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Two Cycle Outboard Oil Even in Winter

Domo-Online Pic 5 1292013It’s getting closer and closer to the holidays and if you live somewhere warm like I do, that just means that you might have a little bit more free time that can be spent outside for a few days. I do not envy anyone who’s got a white Christmas this year, because I’d much rather be able to spend time on the ocean in my boat with some of my friends and family.

When my children are on their Winter Break and I’ve got a few days off of work for Christmas, that’s always the best time for us to go on a boating excursion. I make sure that I’ve got all the two cycle outboard oil I need and then I load up on fishing gear and we find somewhere new and interesting to check out together. It’s really a great bonding experience.

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Hot or Cold with Yamaha 2w Oil

engineWeather affects a lot, doesn’t it? It can define what kind of mood you’re in, what activities you can participate in, and even how well your vehicles run. We all know to let our car engines run for a bit to warm up during those blistering winter conditions, but what differences come for those who own a boat and are operating under cool conditions?

On hot and humid days, you’re looking to lose as much as 14% of your horsepower. However, this doesn’t mean cold temperatures mean you’ll get even more horsepower. Much like your car, you can’t just blast out of there, but it does pose less trouble than a humid day. Proper maintenance with Yamaha 2w oil can really make the difference in protecting your engine from the ailments.

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What Affects Performance Alongside Outboard Motor Oil

boat3It can be quite surprising to find out what things can actually affect how well your engine performs. Even where you store things or sit on a boat can significantly influence how well the engine runs. When the weight shifts to the rear, it can increase top speed. However, if too much weight is put in the back of the craft, the boat can porpoise.

So what happens if the weight is in the front? Planing off will be easier and it will improve rough water ride. However, if too much is in the front, the boat can veer left and right. Of course, really getting the most out of your engine means proper maintenance, such as buying the right outboard motor oil and other upkeep.

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High Horsepower with Mercury 2 Cycle Oil

boat2When we made the decision to switch to a higher powered engine for our boat, I wasn’t expecting how complicated it would turn out to be. There is a much different way to take care of an engine that has more power than that of a lower quality alternatives. After years of owning pretty standard engineers, I was at a bit of a loss when it came to a DFI engine.

I decided to talk to my friend who is a mechanic. He told me I was completely over thinking it. At the end of the day, the most important thing was to find the right mercury 2 cycle oil that would help the engine last longer. Anything else was just about the same as any other engine I had owned throughout the years.

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Continuing Top Performance with Evinrude XD 50 Oil

boatMy husband gets really into our new purchases when we first make them. He feels that the first couple weeks you own anything defines how well it will work for the remainder of the time you use it. While he’s right when it comes to electronics or vehicles, it can get a little concerning when he applies the same theory to a new knife set.

His precautions at the beginning of ownership have definitely made our outboard engine last much longer than some of my friends. I think my friends have had to replace their engines at least once each since we first bought ours. When our friends ask him how he does it, he just says he uses Evinrude XD 50 oil. I don’t think he wants to give up his maintenance routine.

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