Proper Boat Care for Performance and Longevity

outboardAs most people can deduce, the most important aspect of achieving longevity from your watercraft is proper maintenance. Not only will this add years to the life of your boat, but it will also improve the performance when it’s in use. How you care for your boat will largely depend on where you keep it, whether that is tied to the dock or safely ashore.

Boats that are constantly docked will naturally incur more mildew and will be prone to rusting. When mooring, be sure that all of the ties are securely fastened, the bumpers are out and that the hull is not scraping. Obviously these dangers are not imminent if you keep your boat on land, but it is still important to keep it covered and protected from the elements.

The motor is the heart of your boat, and as such, it requires special attention. To achieve optimal performance, you should flush the motor after every use, and check it for damage and corrosion. Also be sure to inspect all of boat’s systems, such as the cooling, and be sure that there is a good level of Evinrude XD50 oil.

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