Yamalube is the Oil I Trust for My Motors

domo-online blog 4 11-17-14I take care of my watercraft extremely well. I purchased my WaveRunner as well as my outboard brand-spanking new, several years ago, and they are still running great. When you buy new, you don’t have to deal with anyone else’s maintenance neglect or bad habits. It’s extremely important to me to keep my machines running in the same great condition that I bought them in.

Yamaha has always been a brand I trust. Their Yamalube oil has always worked great in my motors and it’s all I’ve ever used. In all these years, I’ve never had an engine problem because I keep up on my regular maintenance and only use the best products to safeguard the longevity of my machines. When I buy this oil, I know I’m getting the same great product every time. Consistency is a thing I really appreciate in a running engine.

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