Slipping on Yamalube Oil

domo-online blog 1 12-23-13I think that just about every racing game I have ever played has used oil slicks as an obstacle that you must overcome. It’s always frustrating when you are managing to do well and then hit an oil slick and slide off of the road. Despite the fact that this is in practically all racing games, I was pretty sure that I had never encountered it in real life. There aren’t usually puddles of oil on the road.

After thinking about it for a while, I have realized that there are actually multiple times that I have slipped on oil. For example, during the summer, when it has been dry for a long time and it starts to rain, the roads become slippery because of the oil that hasn’t run off. Also, in my grandpa’s garage where Yamalube oil was once spilled on the floor the concrete became slick.

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