Always Using Mercury Optimax Oil

sigpic109267_4I’ve been boating for quite some time now and I made sure to do all the necessary research when I purchased my boat. I went through the motions when it came to picking out what type of boat I wanted and how much space I wanted. Then, I did my best to figure out the best deal that I could get, based on market listings and the availability of used boats that I wanted.

When I purchased my boat, I made sure to ask the previous owner what sorts of oil and fuel additives he used on it and things like that, to ensure that it would continue running in its best possible shape. He told me that I should exclusively use Mercury Optimax oil. I’ve followed his instructions and I’ve always gotten amazing performance from my boat.

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Remembering Mercury Oil

20130302_011400_herringI have trouble remembering names. This isn’t something that just happens when I meet people, but I also struggle when it comes to remembering the names of songs or movies or brands. Sometimes this can become a real issue, but I’ve learned to better remember names by associating names with something and coming up with mnemonics or other tricks.

For instance, I was out the other day shopping for some things for my boat. I couldn’t remember the outboard motor oil that I like using for my boat, but luckily I had used association techniques to remember it. I had somehow associated ‘boat oil’ with ‘hot planet’ and remembered that it was Mercury oil that I preferred to use on my boat.

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A Bottle of Mercury 2 Stroke Premium Outboard Motor Oil Can’t Hurt

Aqua_Patio_250_Express_Night_Lights_LO-RES.jpgMy friend was having some issues with his boat recently. I’m a car mechanic predominantly, but I’ve done a small amount of work with boats before, so when he told me about his issues, I told him I’d be willing to take a look at it for him. Whenever any of my friends need car or boat advice, I’m always willing to help them out free of charge.

I took a look at it, but I couldn’t really figure out what the problem was. I’m a lot more well-versed when it comes to cars than I am when it comes to boats, so it didn’t surprise me that much that I wasn’t able to figure it out. I told him that I didn’t know what was wrong with his boat, but a bottle of Mercury 2 stroke premium outboard motor oil certainly wasn’t going to hurt.

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Bulk Mercury Optimax Oil to Stay Prepared

I’ll be the first to admit it: I take better care of my boat than I take care of my car. I’m not really sure why that is, especially since I’m very aware of it, but for some reason, keeping my boat pristine and well-maintained is extremely important to me and my car kind of gets left on the back-burner sometimes. My car runs fine and all, but I often am a little late with its maintenance.

With my boat, I’m always completely prepared for any kind of maintenance. My garage is full of bulk Mercury Optimax oil, so I’m always able to keep my boat well-maintained. I think I have a greater fear of getting stranded out on the ocean because of a poorly maintained boat than I worry about anything happening to my car.

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Boat Motor Oil For Your Next Dive

Two-Kids-On-Brownies-Third-Lung-Hookah-Diving-From-BoatIf you’re going scuba diving without a designated group or a guide, it certainly helps to have your own boat. Solo scuba dives are something that only people with a lot of experience should be able to do. Even then, it’s important to have people there for safety. Regardless of the company you choose to bring along with you, your gear should be in tip-top condition.

This means that not only should you get the best scuba diving gear you can, but that your boat should also be in the best condition it can be. Don’t go the cheap route with inexpensive boat motor oil; you should always make certain to use motor oil that will keep your boat running perfectly for as long as possible. This way, it won’t be something that you ever have to worry about.

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Mercury Lends His Name To Mercury Outboard Oil

mercuryThe Roman god Mercury was also known as Hermes to the Greeks and was known well for his speed, his winged shoes, and his work as a messenger to the other gods. He was the god of commerce, communication, luck, and trickery, and he was known as the guide of souls to the Underworld. In time, Mercury has had a large effect on popular culture.

Many things have been named after Mercury, the most obvious examples being the planet Mercury and the element of mercury, which is commonly used in thermometers to tell temperature. Mercury’s name has also been taken for companies such as a former car brand made by Ford or the company that produces Mercury outboard oil for boats.

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My Preference Of Mercury 2 Stroke Oil

7-31-11__2_04212012_073002I’m the type of person who sticks to a brand once it has done me right. For instance, I’ve been using Apple phones for years with no likelihood of me ever buying something different and I’ve only eaten Eggo waffles for my entire life. Brand loyalty is something that I think is fairly important when it comes to choosing products.

That being said, my choice in boat oil has always come from Mercury products, for as long as I’ve had watercraft and boats. I’m particularly fond of the Mercury 2 stroke oil right now, as that’s currently what I’ve been using on my boat. So far, Mercury oil products have done nothing but good for me, so I have every intention in continuing to use them on my boats and watercraft.

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Full Day

joupdogdadI enjoy running errands on my days off.  I feel like I am accomplishing a lot of little things that look good when crossed off of my “to do” list.  There are bigger tasks I need to do that would require more time, but I like to get the little things out of the way so I can focus all of my attention on that bigger task.

Today, I had to go to the bank to deposit some checks.  Then I decided to get some coffee before heading to the mall to return some pants.  I don’t like waiting on long lines at customer service to return items but it had to be done.  It only took twenty minutes of my time and the customer service representative was nice and polite.  Good customer service can go a long way for a company.  Finally I had to stop at the store to pick up some Mercury engine oil because I was running low.  I spent the rest of the day assembling furniture that my wife bought.

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Brand Preference

BrandThere are a lot of different motor oils available for boats. Before you even start looking, you should make sure you know what to be looking for, based on the type of engine that your boat has. For instance, a 2 stroke engine requires special 2 stroke oil, so if that’s what you have, you should make sure that that’s what you’re going after.

Once you’ve figured out exactly what kind of oil you need, you can get into the specifics of brand choices and things like that. There are many different brands of motor oil that you can choose from. You could take a look at Yamaha or Mercury oil, but personally, I prefer Optimax oil.

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Saving Space in the Garage

I have pretty limited space in my garage; there’s a ton of junk in the garage that my wife and I haven’t bothered going through since we moved to this house years ago, and it seems like it’d be a huge hassle going through all of it. We’re just able enough to get both of our cars in the garage, so it hasn’t been a huge problem yet.

Because of this, we like to find ways to save space when we plan on storing things in our garage. For instance, when it comes to oil for the boat that we have (which we keep in a special storage facility since there’s no room in the garage), having a Mercury oil 55 gallon drum actually saves space, compared to how much space that amount would take on if it were being stored in separate bottles.

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The Mall

I don’t get a chance to go to the mall as often as I’d like to; I honestly like shopping, even though I know a lot of guys aren’t into it. I find it relaxing to go to the mall and just kind of walk around for hours and check things out. I’ll mess around with electronics or I’ll go into a Brookstone or something and take a look at all of the fun massage chairs and take a look at things I might want for my home.

The most recent time I went to the mall was particularly because I needed some new nice clothes after some moths got to one of my favorite suits. I did some clothes shopping for a while and then I went to a place that sold DVDs and CDs. Afterwards, I went online to purchase a couple of bottles of Mercury oil for my boat. I may love the mall, but there’s no good boating goods store at the mall near me!

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Service Robots

I’ve always wanted to have my own personal robot; I’m hoping that personal robots will be something that we are able to have within my lifetime. I just like the idea of having a robot servant that could work as a butler, a maid, a driver, a cook, and everything else that you’d have to pay actual people a weekly wage, rather than the one-time fee of purchasing a service robot.

I’m sure that you would need to regularly do some sort of service on your service robot or something. I don’t know how it would work though because I don’t know much about robotics. Would they need an oil change like a car or a boat does? I don’t think I could power a robot with Mercury oil but I guess I could always try.

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