Learning About 2 Cycle Oil and Boat Maintenance

hot-tub-tug-boat-1As a youth, I spent a lot of time on boats with my father and with my friends. I developed a genuine love for boating as time went on and I always imagined myself being able to get my boating license and take a boat out on a lake myself. Eventually, as I grew older, I was able to accomplish this goal, though I realized I didn’t know as much about boats as I would have liked to.

After I got my boating license, I started looking into boats more and learning more about them. I figured out which boats needed 2 cycle oil and how to mix it in with the fuel. I learned about the different parts that were in a boat and how they needed to be maintained. I want to eventually know enough about boats that I can do mechanical work on my own boat.

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Waverunner Oil in the Summer

waveboatI’ve always been a big fan of interesting personal vehicles. I love to go off-roading in my ATV and I also very much enjoy snowmobiles when it’s wintertime. Recently, I decided that I would try out the water-based equivalent to these kinds of vehicles and I picked up my very first Waverunner, which I’ve truly been having a blast with this summer.

I loaded up on Waverunner oil and I started doing research to figure out the best places that I would be able to take my Waverunner in the area. I’ve found a lot of really cool lakes that I wasn’t fully aware of beforehand that are perfect for taking out the Waverunner and having a great time. I only wish that summer could last a little bit longer.

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Lakeside with Mercury 2 Stroke Oil

sloaneboatLiving on the side of a lake has a huge number of benefits, especially when summertime rolls around. There are all kinds of great things that we can do when guests come over. Obviously, we’re able to go for a swim out there, which is really nice. We’re also able to go fishing whenever we want. However, the most fun thing for us to do is to take people out on our boat.

Since our gatherings with friends are often more impromptu than they are planned, we like to make sure that our boat is always properly maintained. That’s why we always make sure to keep a solid stock of Mercury 2 stroke oil on hand so that the boat is always in good shape before we take it out for a spin on the lake with our friends.

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Evinrude XD 100 Oil And An Early Summer

evinrudeIt appears that summer has come early this year. The sun has been shining every day and we’ve pretty much got California weather this week in Washington, which has been a nice change of pace from the cold and the fog that is more typical of mornings in May. With this beautiful weather not showing any signs of letting up, it’s about time I start making the most of it.

I’ve already started making plans with friends to hit the water this weekend. We’re going to fill the boat up with some Evinrude XD 100 oil, make sure it’s clean and fully maintained, and then I think we’re going to take it over to eastern Washington for some fishing.

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Secluded Fishing With Yamalube 2M Oil

Boys-FishingWhen I was a kid and I used to go fishing with my dad, we’d usually stand at a bridge near a creek where there were a bunch of other dads with their kids teaching them how to fish. It was fun, but it always felt like it was loud enough to scare off the fish and you’d wind up getting your hooks tied to other people’s lines so often that it became a real nuisance.

These days, when I go fishing – with my dad, with my friends, or by myself – I skip over the bridge by the creek and instead, I take my boat out somewhere that’s a little bit more secluded to really get away from it all. Of course, I make sure that my boat is well maintained before I take it out by myself, always filling it up with Yamalube 2M oil.

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Won’t Run Out With Bulk Motor Oil

oil-changeI work in an independent mechanic’s workshop; we’re not associated with any of the major mechanic shops but we’re very well-rated and we know how to get the job done. I’m not an expert mechanic by any means, but some of the people that I work with definitely are. Whether it’s a car or a boat, they seem to know everything there is to know.

One of my duties at my job is to make sure that supplies are ordered and delivered regularly; the ones that you would need for any mechanic job. For instance, I’m regularly making orders of bulk motor oil, because we use a very large amount of it. It would be a big problem for our customers – and furthermore, for us – if we were to ever run out of it.

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A New Boat With Evinrude XD50 Oil

Scarab302cool_002Taking your new boat out on the water for the first time is a pretty exhilarating experience, even if you’ve had many boats in your lifetime. It’s a great feeling to really get to see what your boat can do and push it to its limits. This will be a look ahead at all of the great times that you’ll be having on your boat in the future on your next boating and fishing trips.

Whenever I get a new boat that I want to test out, I make sure that all of the proper maintenance has been done, and use Evinrude XD100 oil for my E-Tecs. Then I take it to a nearby lake that’s usually not very crowded and put it through its paces while I plan my next trip.

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Keeping 2 Cycle Oil In Stock

271007_front200As a boat mechanic, I always have to make sure I’ve got the products that I need in my shop. If my employees don’t have the necessary tools and materials, they can’t do their jobs properly. We always keep an additional stock of our supplies in a storage unit so that we can easily get anything we need for any job.

One of the items I always keep is a large stock of 4 cycle and 2 cycle oil, fuel additives, tool sets, and spare parts for all different kinds of boats. We like to promise our customers that the work done on their boats will be speedy so that they can get out and enjoy the water as often as they can.

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Won’t Be Stranded With Evinrude Outboard Oil

cat1I’ve been living with a bit of a strange conundrum. My biggest fear in the world is being stranded on open water, but one of my favorite pastimes is going fishing. Considering those two things go fairly hand in hand, I always try to make sure to take extra precautions any time I go fishing. Usually, I prefer to fish on a dock, somewhere safe, but things don’t always work out that way.

Obviously, the best fishing is fishing that can be done out on the open water, be it in a lake or an ocean, or what have you. I always make sure to use Evinrude outboard oil on my boat whenever necessary and I keep a lot of extra on hand, because I want to be completely certain that my boat never fails on me, so that I won’t be stranded.

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Emergency Mercury Oil

valor4My father always told me to expect the unexpected. I didn’t really consider his advice because I thought it was just a phrase he used a lot. I never really thought of the meaning of those words until my outboard engine broke down during a recent fishing trip. Had I heeded my father’s words, I would have been prepared when my engine broke down. Instead, my friend and I had to wait for somebody to tow us back to the marina.

These days, I keep an emergency kit on my boat at all times. I don’t want to be stranded for an hour or more again so I keep some Mercury Oil, a gallon of gas, and emergency rations in my kit. I try to expect the unexpected so I won’t be caught off guard again. I also keep a first aid kit in my boat and in my car. Whenever I go somewhere, I try to imagine the worst possible situation that could happen and I prepare for it. I hope my son will take what I say seriously when I try to impart some knowledge on him like how my dad tried to do the same with me.

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I’m a Bad Cook

I’m terrible at making food; I just never was able to get the hang of it. Even when I was in junior high school, taking a Home Ec class, when we got to the cooking portion of the class, I had to rely on everyone else to do everything for me. Now that I’m not living with my parents anymore, I pretty much exclusively eat food from restaurants and things that I can microwave or make sandwiches of.

I seriously can’t understate how bad of a cook I am though; I’m such a bad cook that I might confuse vegetable oil for Mercury oil, and I can’t imagine that would lead to good-tasting food or a working boat. I can barely toast things properly. I’m not sure specifically what led to my failures as a cook, though my parents making all of my meals for me while I lived with them didn’t especially help.

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Repairing WaveRunner Scratches

Scratches on a new vehicle, whether it’s a car or a boat, really irritate me. I recently found some scratches on my brand new WaveRunner which absolutely drove me nuts. Fortunately, I have plenty of experience fixing scratches to look brand new.

Using epoxy fillers, toothpicks, sandpaper, sealant, touch up paint, and polyurethane clear coat, I can fix just about any scratch. It is very time consuming to apply and let the different fillers dry, and then sand them down and paint, but the results are completely worth it. I do need to go to the store to pick up some matching paint, so I suppose while I’m there I’ll also purchase some WaveRunner oil.

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