Before You Buy: Outboard Oil For Long-Lasting Engine

Choosing premium outboard oil is choosing to give your outboard motor a long-lasting run. The best outboard oil for your boat is one that’s formulated to ensure your engine runs clean at varying temperatures. Using the right outboard oil and with regular service checks, your engine will last you a long time.

Outboard engines require higher revs for long periods of time, thus needing extra lubrication. Outboard oil provides this for your engine components. The best outboard oils feature improved viscosity and keeps the engine running smoothly. It also protects your motor from rust caused by constant exposure to salt and freshwater. Using quality oil for your outboard engine minimizes smoke, if not eliminate it completely. While others prefer cheaper, lesser quality oils for their engine, you will suffer higher financial damages in the future as most manufacturers do not honor warranty claims where incorrect outboard oil caused the engine failure.

Some people tend to use the same oil for both their car and boat engines, but it’s important to note that compared to your land vehicles, boats can sit for long periods of time and likely at damp environments. This means that while car engine might seem like the more convenient option, it could do considerable damage to your outboard motor overtime.

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