My Dad’s Doomsday Prepping with Bulk Outboard Motor Oil

domo-online blog 5 11-24-14My dad is an interesting character. He once built a bunker, above ground, forgot that it was supposed to be buried, then proceeded to just cover it with a giant mound of dirt. He buys bulk coffee with no filters, toothpaste but no toothbrushes, and enough toilet paper to supply half of Rhode Island. He is serious about his prepping, but my dad is not one that thinks too far into his projects.

Lately, he has been buying bulk outboard motor oil and storing it in our boat shed. Because we live on Puget Sound, he believes the boat will be our main source of travel once the power goes out and roads get blocked. Let’s hope he remembers to stock up on fuel!  For all my dad’s imagination and prepping skills, he definitely needs to start planning a bit better!

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