The Importance of Making Sure Your Outboard Oil is Full

Everglades and Turner RiverI had always wanted to take my boat down the alligator infested alleyways of the Florida Everglades and take a week off fishing in the sun with my buddies. For my thirty-second birthday, that’s exactly what I planned on giving myself as a present. Little did I know the adventure I was about to be in store for. And I use the word adventure, loosely.

On the second day out in the Everglades, with no other fishermen or people around to be found, we broke down. I found my outboard oil was almost completely depleted. I guess I had forgotten to check it, in my excitement to get out in the water. I learned a value lesson that trip. If you don’t want to be hospitalized for dehydration because your boat broke down in the Florida Everglades, always make sure your oil is full.

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