Beginners Guide to Outboard Motors Part 4

Winterizing your outboard motor is an important task that must be completed each year. If you don’t winterize your motor you could end up regretting it when the motor stops functioning or loses efficiency. Of all the regular maintenance you’ll end up performing this one is easily among the most important. It’s of particular importance to anyone living in a cold climate.

A good place to start your winterizing is with a fuel stabilizer. It stops fuel break down which can leave nasty deposits in your motors moving parts. You should also change the oil and replace the gear lube. When you’re done, disconnect the battery and give the motor a good inspection to make sure there are no missing or loose parts. Make sure that it’s free of debris and check the props for damage or anything that might interfere with successful operation. Follow these few simple steps and you’ll extend the life of your motor and make your time on the water that much more fun.

If you end up with a 2-cycle Evinrude replace the oil with Evinrude XD50 oil for optimal performance and reliability.

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