Outboard Motor Oil Makes It Easier to Go Out on the Water Regularly

tied up at dockWhen I was using a cheap type of outboard motor oil, I had a lot of trouble actually getting my boat to be reliable all the time. It was really frustrating because I knew that I was taking care of the boat, but it had problems with debris building up in the motor because of the bad oil. I had to spend a lot of time on the dock for repairs rather than out on the water where I wanted to be.

As I spent some time learning more about oil, I learned that the cheaper oil had all kinds of additives in it that made it more likely that my boat would have problems with some debris building up and damaging it. To avoid this entirely, I decided to switch to a much higher quality brand of outboard motor oil so that I would be able to keep the engine clean.

This has worked really well so far since the new type of oil really does have me out in the water on a much more regular basis. I have a lot of fun out on the water enjoying the fresh air and not having to listen to my engine constantly as I worry that it might end up dying.

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