Mercury Oil is Great for Our Waterskiing Adventure

waterskiingAlthough I have owned a boat for a long while, I have never thought to use it for waterskiing before. Last summer we went and waterskied while we were on vacation, so this summer we decided to try it out with our own boat. It was exciting to be able to head out to the lake with all of the equipment ready for a new and interesting adventure.

To make sure that we were ready before we left home, I worked on my boat and made sure it was in good condition. I added some Mercury oil and some gasoline just so that we would have what we needed for the day spent out on the lake. Soon we were ready to head out on the water where we would be able to enjoy ourselves a lot more thoroughly.

We took turns waterskiing and driving the boat and had a blast out on the water. It was a lot of fun to be able to drive the boat around with someone zipping along behind it. We had a blast out on the lake so we are very likely to start waterskiing with our boat more in the future. It is a great use for our boat.

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