I’d Rather Buy Bulk Mercury Optimax Oil

motor boatIn the past, when I have tried purchasing oil for my boat, I have always found that it is much more expensive to just get the little bottles of oil which is all that I ever want. Since I don’t need more oil, I don’t buy more, but I have always thought that it is a shame to have to spend so much on a small amount when a larger amount would be a lot cheaper. I didn’t do it since I didn’t have more than one boat.

Now that I am running my own boat rental place, I have actually started to have need of a lot more oil for boats on a much more regular basis. I can buy all of the oil that I need in bulk so that I am able to save myself some money in the future. I buy bulk Mercury Optimax oil and use it in all of the boats and the boat that I have at home as well.

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