The Importance of Making Sure Your Outboard Oil is Full

Everglades and Turner RiverI had always wanted to take my boat down the alligator infested alleyways of the Florida Everglades and take a week off fishing in the sun with my buddies. For my thirty-second birthday, that’s exactly what I planned on giving myself as a present. Little did I know the adventure I was about to be in store for. And I use the word adventure, loosely.

On the second day out in the Everglades, with no other fishermen or people around to be found, we broke down. I found my outboard oil was almost completely depleted. I guess I had forgotten to check it, in my excitement to get out in the water. I learned a value lesson that trip. If you don’t want to be hospitalized for dehydration because your boat broke down in the Florida Everglades, always make sure your oil is full.

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The Best Oil for My Outboard: Mercury 2 Stroke Oil

domo-online blog 2 11-10-14I once used to fill my outboard with whatever cheap oil was available and positioned in front of my face. After about a year of doing this, my new boat ran like it’d been sitting in a boat yard collecting moss for ten years. The motor would smoke and cough. I knew my cheap ways had gotten me into a deep hole of engine trouble.

That’s when I switched to Mercury 2 stroke oil. I had my engine cleaned and overhauled so I could start from scratch and use the right product to protect my engine. Now when I venture out into the Sound, I’m not worried about being stranded due to engine failure. Now I’m confident in my engine’s performance.

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Why I Swear by Evinrude Oil

domo-online blog 1 11-10-14I tend to use quite a bit of motor oil on a daily basis. Living in one of the coldest and loneliest provinces in Canada, Yellow Knife is a place where you need to make sure your supplies are top quality and that they do their job well. You see, I can’t just pop over to a neighbor or run to Walmart to fetch more oil if I need it. That would require a weekend getaway and a full tank of gas.

I use my manufacturer specific oil to in my blowers and chainsaws, and Evinrude oil in my outboard. I am confident that using the correct oil will extend the overall life of my machinery.  It also runs quite well and I’ve never had a problem, no matter the temperature or the stress I put the motor under. When you depend on your products as strongly as I do, you make sure you buy right.

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Using Yamalube 2W Oil While in the Caribbean

domo online blog 5 11-03-14This month, my grandparents are going on a cruise to see a bunch of the different islands in the Caribbean. While they’re away on their Caribbean vacation, I am going to be watching their house, and responding to the emails that they send me about how nice of a vacation they are having down in the tropical part of the world. They make me wish that I was there.

Just yesterday, they sent me an email talking about how they planned to go out on some personal watercraft and soak up the sun. This email really made me miss the summer here when my brother and I would often fill our boats up with Yamalube 2W oil and zip around the lake. Now it is almost impossible for us to do this because the lake water is just too cold.

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Mercury Two Cycle Oil is Best for My Boat

domo online blog 4 11-03-14When I made the switch to a Mercury engine for my boat, I knew that I also needed to switch the type of oil that I was using. My new engine required an oil that could be used in direct injection applications rather than one that required the oil to be mixed directly into the gasoline in order to be used properly.

Since I knew that I was using a Mercury outboard motor, I determined that it would be a very good idea to choose direct injection oil that was made by Mercury. I ended up picking out a Mercury two cycle oil the exceeded all of the recommendations for use with my engine. I was very happy with the way that the oil worked when I put it into my engine.

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Mercury Engine Oil Keeps My Mercury Motors Running Efficiently

domo online blog 3 11-03-14You can’t easily get away with using a different grade of oil without experiencing serious problems as a result. When you have a motor that is made by a specific company that makes a lot of other boating equipment, it is much more important that you use the right oil. The right oil is made to make these motors operate well.

For example when I bought a Mercury outboard motor, I knew that I would not be able to use just any old oil. To make sure that the motor ran as efficiently and expertly as it was intended, I had to make sure that I used the Mercury engine oil that actually went with it. Only this type of oil could ensure that my motor kept working the way that it was intended to.

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Rough Water Boating and Evinrude XD100 Oil

domo online blog 2 11-03-14Even though fall is fully underway right now, my brother suggested that we go out on the water this weekend. Some fall weekends would actually be pretty good for boating, but this last weekend certainly wasn’t one of them. I was going to have to run both of my Evinrude engines just to make it so we were able to push against the waves in a decent way.

Luckily, I had plenty of power between these two engines to make it so that we were able to move through even the roughest water without having a lot of difficulties. Before we left, I made sure that my engines were running with plenty of Evinrude XD100 oil, because I knew that we could not afford to break down out in the middle of the water.

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Which Oil is the Best Outboard Motor Oil Depends Entirely on Your Boat

domo online blog 1 11-03-14When you find yourself in the predicament of making sure that you are picking the best oil for your boat, there are many things that you must consider. Just buying high quality oil is not enough because not all oil is meant for every single type of engine. You have to look at the type of engine that it is meant to be used with and ensure it meets all of your engines guidelines.

Looking at the ratings on the oil can make it so that you are sure that this is actually quality oil rather than just oil for anything else. Picking an oil that matches the brand of engine that you will be running can also be a very good idea. Most manufacturers know what the best outboard motor oil for their engines is and will make sure that their oil meets engine standards.

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