Mixed with Mercury 2 Stroke Oil

domo online blog 4 3-10-14My father has always loved taking his boat out to go fishing. He wakes up really early in the morning so that he can get started. Usually, he makes sure that his boat is completely ready to go the night before, so that he doesn’t have to stop anywhere on his way to the boat launch. The last thing he wants to do is waste any time.

The day before he goes fishing, he’ll fill his gas tank with fuel and mix in the proper ratio of Mercury 2 stroke oil. When this is done, he loads all of the gear that he will need the next day, into the back of his truck. He doesn’t like using live bait, so he doesn’t have to worry about getting this before he goes fishing. In the morning, everything is ready to go.

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Trusting Evinrude Oil in an Evinrude Motor

domo online blog 3 3-10-14My friend recently purchased a new boat. He ended up buying a used motor to go with the boat, since it did not come with one initially. It was an Evinrude motor that one of his friends had for a boat that they no longer chose to use anymore. My friend spent several hours reading up on the motor online, so that he could learn more about it.

He wanted to make sure that he could keep the motor running perfectly. He learned what kind of Evinrude oil needed to go in the motor, exactly how much oil to use, and what other maintenance needed to be performed regularly. He got a checklist of some of the required maintenance and decided to start fresh by getting these things done right away.

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Boat with Bulk Mercury Optimax Oil

domo online blog 2 3-10-14My uncle’s friend used to have a high powered speed boat. He loved to take it out on the bay and race around all of the little islands and all of that. It was a boat that he basically used just for running around and having a good time on the weekends and holidays. Eventually, he got bored of it and sold it because it was expensive to run.

When he sold his boat, he also included a lot of bulk Mercury Optimax oil that he had purchased for the boat. Since he was able to buy a lot of it for cheaper than buying just the amount that he needed, he also chose to get a bit extra for the next season or two when he went to buy it. There was no reason to keep it once he sold the boat.

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Learning About Outboard Motors and 2 Cycle Oil

domo online blog 1 3-10-14When my sister was young, my father loved to try to teach her how to do different things. He always stuck to what he knew, because he didn’t want to give her the wrong information. Fishing was something he loved, so naturally he wanted her to love it as well. He’d wake her up early in the morning to take her fishing in his little boat.

When she was old enough, he taught her about the motor on his boat and how to keep it running smoothly. He taught her how to steer the boat with the motor and how to mix the 2 cycle oil with the gasoline in the correct ratio. Today, she doesn’t often go fishing and usually doesn’t work on boat motors, but at least she could if she needed to.

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A Business with Bulk Motor Oil

domo online blog 5 3-3-14My brother-in-law recently decided to start his own business. Since he lives close to the marina and boats have always been a big part of his life, he is starting a business repairing boat motors and doing routine maintenance on them. There aren’t any other businesses like this near the marina other than one at the marina, which charges high prices.

My brother-in-law managed to find a space to start the business that is close to the marina. It used to be a space that sold boats. He bought some bulk motor oil and got a bunch of tools. He has hired a couple of his friends to work for him. Pretty soon, he’ll be in business for the spring season, when everyone needs their boats ready to go.

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Determining the Best Outboard Motor Oil

domo online blog 4 3-3-14My grandpa is a man of tradition. He is one of those people who feel like the old way may have been a much better way than the way people do things now. He is always the last to switch to something new. For example, he didn’t get email until recently. The same holds true for the way that he takes care of his boat and its outboard motor.

Last time he was in the marina shop nearest to his home, there was a whole display touting some brand new type of motor oil. The salesperson really wanted to get him to buy it. He was trying to explain how it was great oil. In the end, my grandpa went with what he always gets, because he knew it was the best outboard motor oil for him.

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Yamalube 2W Oil is for Personal Watercraft, Not Outboard Motors

domo online blog 3 3-3-14With all of the numbers and letters on different types of oil, it is no wonder people become confused. There are so many different types of oil and that is before you start looking at specific formulas and brand names. In a single marina shop, there could be several shelves filled with different types of oil that could potentially be needed at the pier.

You really need to make sure that you research your motor and different types of oil, before you decide to put something in your boat. For example, Yamalube 2W oil is a great oil to use in most personal watercraft, like Sea-doos and Jet Skis. However this does not mean that it should be used in an outboard motor. Make sure you check your user manual for oils that are right for your motor.

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Arguing About Everything But Yamalube 2-M

domo online blog 2 3-3-14My father and my uncle both love to go fishing. They each have their own boat. Oftentimes, they will take their boats out together and go on fishing trips right next to each other to see who can catch the most fish. Both of them are excellent fishermen, so the competition is always fierce. I suppose that makes sense since they are brothers after all.

They don’t agree on many things. My grandma says that they never have. One thing that they do agree on is the fact that Yamalube 2-M is the best oil for their boats. They have never had any problem with the oil and always use it in their boat motors. As for when to add oil or how to do maintenance on other parts of the motor, they could not agree less.

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Stocking Up on Two Cycle Oil

domo online blog 1 3-3-14It is almost a nice enough time of year that the weather actually makes me want to sit on a lake for a few hours and do some fishing. It’s always nice to go when the lake isn’t going to be frozen over or when my boat isn’t going to slowly fill with water from the pouring rain. I can’t wait to launch my tiny fishing boat and putter around on the lake near my house.

Before the season really kicks off, I’m going to stock up on two cycle oil. The local store that sells it is always raising the prices significantly right before the lake opens for the season. This year I am ahead of the game. I have already bought oil for the very first trip out for the season. I plan to buy some more before it gets too close to the season’s opening.

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