Waverunner Oil in the Summer

waveboatI’ve always been a big fan of interesting personal vehicles. I love to go off-roading in my ATV and I also very much enjoy snowmobiles when it’s wintertime. Recently, I decided that I would try out the water-based equivalent to these kinds of vehicles and I picked up my very first Waverunner, which I’ve truly been having a blast with this summer.

I loaded up on Waverunner oil and I started doing research to figure out the best places that I would be able to take my Waverunner in the area. I’ve found a lot of really cool lakes that I wasn’t fully aware of beforehand that are perfect for taking out the Waverunner and having a great time. I only wish that summer could last a little bit longer.

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Yamaha’s Products Include Yamaha 2M Oil

pic_009I used to think that companies couldn’t have the same name as other companies, but then I started to see stores in my area like McDonald’s Furniture, which had no affiliation to the fast food restaurant and simply shared a name. I would have figured that it’d be difficult to get a business started with a name so close to such a popular company.

One way I was really surprised, however, was when I discovered that the Yamaha that made my musical instruments was the same Yamaha that made the Yamaha 2M oil that I use on my boat. I had figured that it was another instance of two companies with the same name, but it turns out that Yamaha gets their hands into all sorts of different products.

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Ringfree Plus in the Garage

7412_2676196_IMG_19_0000Since there’s not enough room in my garage for my boat, I have a storage facility not too far away from my house where I usually keep it instead. However, I usually bring my boat to my house and park it on the driveway for a day or two whenever I’m planning a big boat trip. This way, I can get whatever maintenance done that I want at my own home.

Even though there’s not room for my actual boat, I keep all sorts of boat-related materials on hand in my garage. I keep things like oil and fuel and cleaning supplies. It’s not a bad idea to keep a fuel additive like Ringfree Plus in your garage either. That way, when you’re preparing for a big boating trip, you can have everything you need without having to head out to grab something else.

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Isolated Boating Thanks to Evinrude XD 100 Oil

r1069140_12600614Like a lot of my friends, I like to spend a decent amount of time at concerts and music festivals because there’s a certain type of camaraderie that can be developed with strangers when you’re in a crowd together sharing an experience regarding musical artists that you like. However, I like to take breaks from these instances every now and then because too many crowds can be overwhelming.

When I start to feel that way, I usually prefer to just hang out with a few close friends and go somewhere isolated. Sometimes we go camping, but if the weather’s right, our favorite thing to do is to go boating together. I usually load my boat up with Evinrude XD 100 oil and then we’ll find a lake or a river somewhere and boat around for a while.

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Learning More about Outboard Oil

934152_553950914648523_1680645070_nA friend of mine recently bought his first boat and he’s been telling me a lot of information about boating and boat maintenance because I’ve been considering buying one of my own. The more he tells me, however, the more it feels like I’m completely clueless when it comes to the intricacies of boating. There’s a lot of common boat knowledge I simply didn’t know.

For instance, I didn’t know that oil was processed differently in certain boats. I initially assumed it was like a car where you would take it in for oil changes, but in actuality, with my friend’s boat, you mix the outboard oil with the fuel when you are putting it into the boat. He’s told me a lot of things about fuel additives and other stuff that I had no idea about as well.

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Snowmobile Oil for a Winter Lover

symNivopage77_7I loathe hot weather; I have always been the only one of my friends who complains his way all the way through the summer. I get sunburned too easily, I sweat a lot, and I just get overheated very quickly. Even as a kid who would get time off from school, I tended to dread summer vacation because I knew all of my friends would want to spend time out in the blistering heat.

Winter has always been more my style and there’s so many things I love to do in the winter. I love skiing and snowboarding and I’m always stocking up on snowmobile oil so that I can go snowmobiling at the first sign of snow. Cold weather is something I’m much more accustomed to because I enjoy wearing layers and trudging around in the snow.

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Two Cycle Oil and Underwater Photography

Underwater-underwater-photography-32684062-1600-1200I’m very interested in underwater photography and taking photographs of the wildlife in nearby lakes, rivers, and oceans. I’ve invested a lot of time and effort in this hobby because taking pictures of sea life is something I’ve loved since I was young and I got my first waterproof disposable camera. Technology is much more advanced these days, of course.

What I usually do – when I’ve got free time and it’s a nice, clear day outside – is get my gear ready and my boat filled up with two cycle oil and go out to find a secluded place to dive and take photos. I’ve gotten some really interesting photos of certain animals that I’m really proud of, particularly one that I took of an eel poking its head out from the rocks.

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A Friend Recommended Optimax Oil

3742158_20111014110430_10_LARGEI’m the second among my group of friends to get a boat, so I luckily have one person to help guide me towards the things I’ve needed to consider regarding my boat. For instance, my friend had actually purchased one boat that hadn’t run very well at all and was able to steer me away from looking at that particular brand of boat.

Similarly, my friend has been able to give me some tips about oil and maintenance that I wouldn’t know without his guidance. He recommended that I stick to using one type of oil on my boat for the sake of consistency, and based on the kind of boat that I have, he recommended that I use Optimax oil in particular. It’s been very helpful having someone who knows what they’re talking about around.

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Bulk Outboard Motor Oil to Stay Prepared

the-luxury-yacht-comes-with-lots-of-toys-including-a-23-foot-motor-boat-two-jet-skis-and-scuba-equipmentI’ve always been the kind of person who overprepares for things, because I think it’s a lot better to be overprepared than to be underprepared. I always keep stocked up on supplies for whatever activity I might be interested in. Sometimes that means having a lot of extra camping or fishing supplies, while other times it means keeping maintenance materials for vehicles on hand.

One of the ways in which I am quite clearly overprepared is with my boat’s maintenance materials. I see this as a good thing, however, as I’ve been able to draw from my bulk outboard motor oil supply for so long that I haven’t had to make any runs to the store or do any shopping online to get more motor oil ever since I got my boat.

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