New Boats May Need Yamalube Ringfree Plus

runabout_from_lake_centerWhen it comes to purchasing a new boat, or even a previously owned boat, it’s very important to get all of the necessary supplies to go along with your purchase. This can sometimes add up to a larger cost than you initially calculated, but it is always worth it to be prepared for maintenance and anything else that might happen to your boat.

Getting outboard motor oil for your boat is obviously very important, as well as purchasing fuel additives that are sometimes necessary like Yamalube Ringfree Plus. It’s also very important to make certain that you purchase cleaning supplies for your boat, so that you can make sure to keep it in good shape externally after it’s been used.

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Avoiding Boat Problems With Yamalube Ring Free Plus

dog-boat-dogA friend of mine recently sold a boat to me for cheap. Unfortunately for me, the reason it was so cheap was that he hadn’t been putting the maintenance into it that was necessary and it was having some problems. Even though it was a cheap purchase, I knew I would still probably have to take it into a shop and pay more to get some repairs done on it.

I got some repairs done on it and it didn’t seem like he’d done quite as much damage to the boat as he had though. I bought a bottle of Yamalube Ring Free Plus, knowing that everything would run a lot more smoothly if I used that, and I’ve been making sure to keep up on maintenance just in case there are any problems that start to show up with the boat again.

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Yamaha 2M Oil For A Father-Son Fishing Trip

father_son_salmon_fishingEvery year, my father and I go on an annual fishing trip. One caveat to the trip is that we have to decide on a fishing location somewhere that we have never been before. Usually, this means we’ll go to a different lake nearby or something like that, though we did splurge one year and visited South America for a pretty spectacular fishing trip.

This year, however, we’re keeping it low-key, though we did realize that traveling is a fun thing to do when it comes to fishing. What we’re doing this year is loading up with Yamaha 2M oil and taking the boat over to Oregon for some quality father-son bonding time. Every year has been really fun and it’s nice to be able to spend some time with my dad.

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Mercury Lends His Name To Mercury Outboard Oil

mercuryThe Roman god Mercury was also known as Hermes to the Greeks and was known well for his speed, his winged shoes, and his work as a messenger to the other gods. He was the god of commerce, communication, luck, and trickery, and he was known as the guide of souls to the Underworld. In time, Mercury has had a large effect on popular culture.

Many things have been named after Mercury, the most obvious examples being the planet Mercury and the element of mercury, which is commonly used in thermometers to tell temperature. Mercury’s name has also been taken for companies such as a former car brand made by Ford or the company that produces Mercury outboard oil for boats.

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What Is The Best Outboard Motor Oil?

outboard-engine-electric-torqeedoI’ve got a lot of experience when it comes to using different outboard motor oils with boats; I worked in a boat repair shop for quite a while and I’ve had my own boats for a number of decades at this point. Frequently, I get asked a question that, even with all of my experience, I’m not entirely sure how to accurately answer: what is the best outboard motor oil?

I’m not really sure what the best outboard motor oil is. I have experience with Yamaha and Mercury and Evinrude and I definitely believe that those three are among the top brands in the industry, but I’m not certain if I could say that one of those brands is particularly better than the other. It’s a really tough call, as certain brands are better for certain uses than others.

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Evinrude Outboard Motors And Evinrude XD100 Oil

digi47019996_lEvinrude Outboard Motors is a company that was founded in 1907 by Ole Evinrude, a Norwegian immigrant to the United States. He was fascinated by the newly developed internal combustion engine and wanted to design small engines with his new company. The company developed motors for American military marine craft in World War II.

These days, the company not only develops the cleanest, most efficient outboard motors in the world, but also offers many other products to help keep them running like new. These include outboard motor oils like Evinrude XD100 oil. It is always best to buy the type of oil that was specifically designed for your motor.

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Keeping 2 Cycle Oil In Stock

271007_front200As a boat mechanic, I always have to make sure I’ve got the products that I need in my shop. If my employees don’t have the necessary tools and materials, they can’t do their jobs properly. We always keep an additional stock of our supplies in a storage unit so that we can easily get anything we need for any job.

One of the items I always keep is a large stock of 4 cycle and 2 cycle oil, fuel additives, tool sets, and spare parts for all different kinds of boats. We like to promise our customers that the work done on their boats will be speedy so that they can get out and enjoy the water as often as they can.

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Yamaha Produces Yamalube 2 Cycle Oil

p_yamalubeThe Yamaha Motor Company, which was launched in 1955, is a subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation.  The focus was on motorized vehicles rather than musical instruments, which the company was already well-known for. Now they are  best known for their motorcycles and recreational vehicles such as snowmobiles, scooters, boats and outboard motors.

Yamaha also offers a line of products related to those vehicles. One of these products is Yamalube 2 Cycle oil. This oil was designed specifically for Yamaha Outboard motors.  They also recommend using Yamalube Ring Free Plus in each tank of fuel, to counter the effects of ethanol and the unpredictable quality levels of today’s gasoline.

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Saving Time With A Mercury Oil 55 Gallon Drum

$(KGrHqQOKo8E4i7FdKrbBOTWLzF91!~~48_35Sometimes my father can be a little bit too set in his ways. He gets stuck with one way of do something until a better way is forced upon him. There have been a number of times where my mother or I have had to just change something and force him to get used to it. He always acts annoyed at first, but usually realizes the change was worthwhile.

For instance, I started to notice that he was always going out and buying more motor oil for his boat, which seemed like a waste of time. I chose to buy him a Mercury oil 55 gallon drum so he was always well stocked and wouldn’t have to keep going out to get more before hitting the water. He was hesitant at first, but now he continues to buy bulk oil in barrels.

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Search and Rescue with Mercury Optimax Oil

VAKTA-SAR-123My brother is on a search and rescue team that’s particularly focused on people who get stranded at sea, on islands, or anywhere off-shore. When someone goes missing at sea, it’s his duty to look for them by searching a certain perimeter based on the evidence at hand.

Of course he and his team have a very nice boat, which allows them to move quickly and cover as much of the area as possible. Because of the importance of this mission, he makes certain that his boat is well-maintained with Mercury Optimax oil at all times, because time is of the essence.

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