Smokey Engine

604066900_8b06be5115_oI like to say that I am a loyal individual.  I’ve been with my wife for over twenty years,  I’ve supported my teams for my entire life it seems like, and I only use one brand of underwear.  My parents are the same way which explains why I am also.  They taught me that if something or someone never does me wrong, then it’s safe to stick with it until you need to do otherwise.

I’ve had my boat for the better part of ten years.  I like to take it out fishing on the weekends and enjoy some quiet time with myself or with some friends and family.  I’ve been using once specific brand of oil on my outboard engine and it hasn’t given me a problem until recently.  My engine has been more smoky than usual lately.  A friend of my suggested that I try some Mercury 2 Cycle Oil and see if it does anything different.  The result was the same so I guess it’s time to take the engine to a mechanic to see what is wrong with it.

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