Amanzi Inflatable Boat

After some nagging from my spouse, I finally got back on track researching inflatable boats we may actually purchase and use. The Amanzi rigid bottom inflatable boat by Mercury looks very promising. It can be used both as a tender and also as a daytime pleasure boat.

It comes with deck fuel filler, bow/stern cleats, a mooring eye, and tube reinforcements. Electric bilge pump, integral fuel tank, and tray storage are among the standard accessories. It will even take an outboard marine motor we already own (as well as Mercury engine oil) which makes my spouse happy because it means we won’t have to shell out more money for a new engine.

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Mercury Premium Oil

As those of you who regularly read my blog can tell, I’m a bit of an oil connoisseur. In my many decades of boating I’ve tested a number of products and have come up with a short list of those that really work. At the top of my list is Mercury 2 stroke premium outboard motor oil.

I like the Mercury 2 stroke premium outboard motor oil for a variety of reasons. First off, the formula exceeds TC-W3 standards. Secondly, I’ve found that its promise of reducing rust and corrosion of internal components is accurate. Finally, using Mercury 2 stroke premium oil provides warranty protection for a number of Mercury manufactured engines.

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Heavy Duty Inflatable Boat

Mercury’s heavy duty inflatable boat series is another “toy” I’d like to check out, but personally have no real use for. Though it can be used for pleasure, the heavy duty inflatable boat is intended to be used by professionals. it can hold up to eight people and plenty of cargo (for which there are straps).

In addition to the cargo straps, the heavy duty inflatable boat comes with aluminum and fiber reinforce polymer floorboards, external carry handles, and an inflatable keel. Grab ropes and bold red fabric improve safety, too. As with other Mercury inflatable boats, the heavy duty models are compatible with engines that take Mercury 2 stroke oil.

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V750 Cruiser

Even though I’m supposed to be looking for an inflatable tender, I couldn’t help but check out some of the top of the line inflatable crafts made by Mercury Marine. The V750 Cruiser, for example, is a real beauty. The inflatable boat can be used for fishing, diving, or as a snorkeling platform.

The Cruiser comes with bow stern and anchor lockers, integral fuel tank, electric bilge pump, and a diving platform with ladder and deck shower kit. Rear bench seating, 12-volt ice chest, and switch panel with 12-volt accessory plug makes it quite the luxury boat. Best of all, the Cruiser is compatible with several engines which all take Mercury 2 cycle oil.

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Soft Bottom Roll-Up Inflatable Boat

I’ve recently been researching inflatable boats to use as ship-to-shore tenders. A top priority for me is ease of transport rather than speed. For that reason, a soft bottom roll-up inflatable boat was recommended to me.

It is supposedly compact and lightweight. No special equipment or trailers are needed; in fact, the whole boat rolls up into a bag that holds everything needed. The particular boat I’m looking at, by Mercury Marine, seats three people, has slat floorboards for stability, and an ABS-coated transom. A two stroke engine that takes Marine engine oil can be attached to the rear of the boat to easily take me out to where my larger boat is docked.

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Additional Serial Number Information

There was some clamoring about the post from yesterday that I didn’t give enough cipher information. Let me back track and explain a bit more about the driveshaft length letters in an Evinrude motor’s serial number. The letter L corresponds to a 17-inch driveshaft, Y to a 19-inch driveshaft, X to a 20-inch driveshaft, and Z to a 22-inch driveshaft.

To know what year your motor was produced, remember the word “introduces.” The letter I=1, N=2, T=3, R=4, O=5, D=6, U=7, C=8, E=9, and S=0. Therefore if that part of the motor’s serial number says CE, which means the motor was made in 1989. Maybe you can use this information to enlighten your mechanic next time you pick up Johnson outboard oil.

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Interpreting Evinrude Outboard Serial Numbers

Have you ever wondered what the serial numbers on your outboard engine represent? Let’s start with the first digit. Most likely you see an E or a J. These stand for Evinrude and Johnson, respectively. If you see a different letter, it may mean that your engine was not built for the American market.

The next group of digits will be a series of two or three numbers; these indicate horsepower. Two or three letters will come next and identify the motor’s trim. Next comes a single letter either L, Y, X or Z, each of which corresponds to a driveshaft length. Finally you’ll see two letters indicating the year a model was built. There may be one more letter, but this only has significance to the manufacturer and not the consumer. Pair this with the knowledge you learned yesterday about Evinrude XD50 oil and you’ll know far more than a lot of recreational boaters.

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Response to FAQs

Every now and then I like to respond to some frequently asked question. A common question asked is: What oil should be used with a two-stroke engine? In terms of an Evinrude engine, Evinrude XD100 oil, XD30, and XD50 are recommended for models made after 1993.

Another question that is frequently posed is: What is the proper fuel to oil ratio for my motor? Generally speaking, motors made before 1958 require 20:1, motors made between 1959 and 1963 use 24:1, and motors from 1964 to the present use 50:1. Racing boats require a 25:1 ratio, as do new engine break-ins.

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Keep It Clean

Part of properly winterizing a boat is giving it a thorough cleaning. I’ve used the same brand for several years now, but lately it hasn’t been doing the trick. I’m not sure if the formula has changed, I just know that it doesn’t work.

When I went to purchase some Evinrude XD 50 oil, I decided to take a look at what other cleaning products are on the market. After browsing through several brands, I chose to go with Evinrude Johnson Marine Cleaner. It worked wonders on the hull, convertible top, and vinyl upholstery. Even tough exhaust stains wiped away easily. I believe that I have found my new go-to to cleaner.

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Happy New Year

As we do every year, the family went down to the lake on New Year’s Eve. It was a bit nippy, but we made a campfire and toasted marshmallows for s’mores. The kids go back to school tomorrow, so it was a nice way to close out their winter vacation.

When it got close to midnight we set off fireworks on the shore (perfectly legal in our county with the proper permits). We sang a few songs and shared our resolutions for 2012. My son’s resolution surprised me the most; he wants to spend more time with me working on our boats. Not many teenagers want to go shopping for Evinrude XD 100 oil with their dad when there are videogames to be played! I sincerely hope that he’s serious about his resolution.

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