Outboard Battery Requirements for Yamaha

Traditional speed boat engines use a battery to kick start the engine and power boat accessories. A Yamaha two stroke engine with a 50 or below horsepower uses a battery that contains 245 cold cranking amps at zero degrees Fahrenheit and 323 marine ranking amps at 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

A two stroke Yamaha engine between 60 and 150 horsepower and a 2.6 liter 150 to 2000 horsepower outboard engine requires a motor battery that has 380 cold cranking amps at zero degrees Fahrenheit. At 32 degrees Fahrenheit there should be 502 marine cranking amps with a reserve of 124 capacity minutes at 25 amps. While checking out the battery on a two stroke, be sure to also examine the oil levels and top up with Yamalube 2-m oil if necessary.

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