Preventive Care for Outboard Motors

bulk-outboard-motor-oil1For most fishermen and fans of recreational water sports, a boat represents one of the most serious investments in one’s life. It generally comes down to a house, a car, and then a boat – in that order. So, assuming your boat is the third biggest financial investment in your life, doesn’t it deserve the sort of time and energy you put into your other prized possessions? After all, your home might be remodeled, repainted or at least cleaned each spring. And you wouldn’t think of driving your car much more than 3,000 miles without an oil change, would you?

While there aren’t universal rules about adding bulk outboard motor oil to the boat engine, it’s up to you to consult your owner’s manual for guidelines. When boating season begins, it’s best to take your winterized boat to a professional mechanic. After that, you should be able to handle post-trip routine maintenance. It’s important to always flush out the engine – whether you’re boating in salt water or fresh.

The only tools necessary for this task are a garden hose and a set of rabbit ears, or seals that slip into the lower unit of the engine. Take this opportunity to check the stream of water as it flows out of the pump. If it’s hot, there could be some debris jammed inside. This will end up taxing the engine too much, so it’s best to shut things down and root around inside the tubing for the source of blockage. After that, disconnect the fuel line and burn all the fuel in the carburetor.

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