Browsing for Used Boats in the Offseason

mercury-oilNow that winter is on the way and likely to stay in parts of America for the next several months, many boaters enter a planning stage. Since they cannot get out on the lake to go fishing or just to cruise around aimlessly, a number of thoughts begin to enter their heads. Foremost among these is the question of whether to buy a new boat. Every spring like clockwork, thousands of people show up at marinas and dealerships ready to make such a purchase.

From an economic standpoint, these last few years have been slightly different. The uncertainty of the job market has made some people wary about investing too much in luxury items. These concerns have led to a resurgence in the used boat market, convincing consumers to look at the bright side of an aging vessel. The key is to think about the purposes for which one plans to use the boat.

Fishing boats and those intended for recreational water sports feature a completely disparate construction. After you’ve narrowed down your selection to the type of boat, take a gander at the hull to check for structural damage. Then study the inner workings such as the outboard motor. Does it look like it’s been given plenty of mercury oil over the years? Signs of corrosion and leakage might be enough to keep you away from making the investment.

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