Get Your Motor Runnin’ with Evinrude Oil

Evinrude Oil to the Rescue“Chances are you’ve seen some old-timer tooling down the road with a flat-bottom boat tied into the back of his pickup. Inside the boat, or maybe in the truck bed itself, wedged between the cab and the wheel well, rides a battered old outboard motor.

If those old motors could talk, the stories they could tell about long-ago duck hunts and fishing trips.

Surprisingly, many cosmetically abused motors still run well. With a modest investment of time, money and Evinrude Oil, you can restore them to showroom condition.

Collectors generally don’t restore outboards for the money. Fully restored, most outboards don’t bring a profit after you factor in the price of parts, tools and time. Most do it for the satisfaction of restoring such an important piece of Americana.”

The results are in. For the best outboard motor oil on the planet there’s no beating Evinrude Oil. Take care of your engine and you’ll enjoy it for years!

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Why Evinrude Oil

Evinrude Oil

Take care of your outboard motor with 2 cycle Evinrude Oil!

Marine engines sometime have two strikes against them before they leave the factory. First, when they are run, they generally are run at or near peak RPM for extended periods of time under heavy load conditions. Every time they are asked to plow through a wave or boat wake, the engine strains to keep RPM constant. This would be the equivalent of having your car attached to a giant bungee cord, adding drag and releasing it over and over all day long, something we would never dream of doing. Secondly, extended periods of time between uses is common on marine engines, allowing potentially damaging corrosion to build up quickly.

The key to fighting these damaging realities is proper care and maintenance of your engine through proper lubrication. The proper outboard motor oil will reduce friction and leave the cylinder walls properly coated to eliminate corrosion between uses. Changing the crankcase oil frequently will prolong the life of inboard engines. The proper fuel additives will keep your fuel fresh all season, and remove water build up due to condensation in the tank. Other important additives can boost octane levels of the fuel and clean the injectors, all in the name of increased fuel economy.

The bottom line is, don’t treat your boat as if it’s a car. Make sure you have the proper marine products to extend the life of your engine.

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