Don’t buy cheap oil

Yamaha oil

The better the oil you put in your motor, the better your boat is going to run. Look into high-quality Yamaha oil, which will keep your engine lubricated and running smoothly without any wear.

Yamaha oil will also keep you engine clean and safe for the environment, and extend the life of the engine at the same time. So, don’t just go for the sale price. Choose a quality product when it comes to shopping for oil.

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Choosing your oil

yamalube 2M 2 cycle oilIt may be difficult to choose the correct oil for your boat sometimes. There are so many varieties and manufacturers and promises of perfect performance out there, it can be a little overwhelming. But one myth to dispel early on – your oil brand and boat manufacturer don’t have to match up. That is, if you’re running a Yamaha boat, it isn’t completely necessary to use yamalube oil – though it is recommended.

When choosing your oil, make sure it will perform all the necessary functions, is at a price you can afford, and is compatible with your boat. There is a wide variety of oil types and brands available at Happy hunting.

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Yamalube Outboard Motor Oil

Yamalube Outboard Motor Oil

Yamalube outboard motor oil, including Yamalube 2m oil and the company’s entire outboard motor oil product line, has been designed to withstand the most strenuous conditions your outboard can take.

Each Yamalube oil is made from components specific for the application-Yamalube oil for outboard motors is very different from the Yamalube oil for motocross motorcycles, even if both have a liquid-cooled 2-stroke engine. Each of these engines has a different stress load and the appropriate oil for each machine has a different lubrication formula.

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Yamaha Shows off New Outboard

YamalubeYamaha Motor Corporation has unveiled a second generation four stroke 250hp outboard featuring digital electronic remote control for greatly improved operability and reliability.

The new F250B is based on the proven 3.3 litre V6 from the ground breaking F250A. The new release Yamaha F250B offers a suite of technological advantages for smooth throttle operation, responsive performance plus secure and reliable gear shifting.

At the heart of the new model F250B is Yamaha’s digital electronic remote control system. Governed and monitored by Yamaha’s sophisticated Engine Control Module (ECM), throttle control and gear shift is digitally controlled through a remote electronic box linked to the throttle lever.

These new features display the company’s commitment to product enhancement, which also includes their in-house oil brand, Yamalube.

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Shopping Around

YamalubeAs the specter of high oil prices looms throughout the summer, you can still find discounted boat oil online. Though many brands have slightly increased their prices, the internet has been a great resource of low priced oil. Name brands such as Yamalube and Evinrude can still be purchased at a low price, especially when compared to other retailers.

Do some research and you’ll no doubt find a great deal.

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Save for the Summer


With the oil and gas prices shattering new records, some boaters are opting to stay home this summer. This isn’t completely necessary, however, you just have to be smart. For example all major outboard oil companies such as Yamalube and Mercury have raised their prices. If you bought some prior to the price increase – or even if you’ve yet to purchase it – you can still have fun like you normally would.

Limit your trips in your boat. Go out on a day that you can enjoy with a large group of people, such as your family and/or your friends. If you spaced out your boating trips to two or three times a month instead of every weekend, you’re sure to save yourself some money and survive the dreaded gas and oil prices.

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Yamalube Gets Coup within its own Corporation

YamalubeYamaha Marine Group announced earlier this month that it has put its marine care products under the trusted Yamalube brand.

Products affected include fuel additives, adhesives and lubricants, which will now bear the name Yamalube. With the change comes color-coded packaging designed to improve the customer’s ability to choose the correct product for the job at hand.

Yamaha is creating and launching an extensive campaign for dealers and customers as part of the rollout.

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Could Yamalube be the Right Oil for You?

Could Yamalube be the Right Oil for You? Yamalube Oil was designed to provide Yamaha owners with precision-blended oil for their Yamaha engines, with the finest lubricants in formulating these oils. Yamalube also contains more performance additives than found in typical oils. These additives fight corrosion, varnish, and wear and as is such, Yamalube provides low friction, high performance, and longer engine life.

Of course, Yamalube is not restricted to only Yamaha motors; it’s even recommended for some remote controlled vehicles. Give it a try and see how it works for you.

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Yamalube is More Than a Brand Name

YamalubeRecently I found that some of the motor oils I’ve been using have been more a detriment to my boat, often causing more problems eating more gas than anything else. Then someone recommended that I switch to Yamalube. Admittedly I was a bit reluctant, but I hedged on my feelings and tried it.

Let me say that I thought Yamalube would only work well with Yamaha engines. Those ill informed opinions aside, Yamalube made my boat run remarkably well. Riding on the water was a smooth go, which is not an easy feat by any means. It’s also quite affordable as I found a case of it for $83 online.

I thought it would take a huge arm twist to turn me into a convert, but all it really took in the end was a simple test drive and the ability to make my boat run well, as opposed to a gloried gondola.

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How Can I Improve My Boat’s Fuel Efficiency?

Chick III

Step 1:
Clean the bottom of your boat. Plant and barnacle buildup causes extra friction that burns additional fuel.

Step 2:
Remove excess weight from your boat. If you have a lot of heavy objects in the boat that you do not regularly use, simply remove them. This can account for as much as a 2 percent reduction in miles per gallon.


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