The Many Benefits of Recycling

The Many Uses of Recycled Motor Oil

Oil BarrelRecycling used outboard motor oil keeps oil out of landfills and ensures that this oil is available for re-use, reconditioning, reprocessing or re-refining.

From a purely environmental point of view, the best thing that the motor oil consumer can do is to buy a longer-lasting oil. In that way, less used oil is generated in the first place.

Over 380 million gallons of used oil is recycled each year according to the U.S. EPA, which equates to over 50 percent of all motor oil purchased annually.

Currently, used motor oil can be re-used or recycled one of three ways-reconditioning, reprocessing or re-refining. It is important to note that each process can be important in helping to manage the overall volume of used motor oil in the U.S.


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Don’t Forget to Stir Your Oil

Waring Boat Motor Immersion MixerWhen you’ve got a drum of oil it’s a good idea to stir it from time to time and I’ve found a method that works alarmingly well. However, you have to do this with the lid on the 55 gallon drum or you’ll be wearing your oil. The way to do this is to cut as small a diameter circle as possible to fit the mixer through so you can stir the oil without throwing it. I’ve only tried this with the bulk Evinrude XD 50 oil as that’s the drum I bought.

Once you’ve got the small hole cut in the top of the lid just place the immersion blender in the hole, you can even rest the motor of the blender on the lid if you cut your hole right. Plug it in, flip the safety and pull the triggers for unattended operation. Then just let it sit. These things are ultrapowerful and, ironically, are known as boat motors! It’s just a giant mixer that moves at an incredible speed. Don’t let it run too long so it doesn’t overheat, but long enough to stir all the oil in the drum. It may need a couple of minutes to really get moving.

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