Mercury Builds on Success

Mercury Builds on Success

Expanding on the success of its 9.9 hp Pro Kicker Four Stroke outboard engine, Mercury Marine has launched its 15 hp Pro Kicker Four Stroke, which also comes in 15 Bigfoot and 15 Prokicker models. The specifications of the straight 15 hp include a maximum rpm of 4500-5500, a water-cooled system, manual or electric starters, tiller or remote steering, standard propellers, and a standing recommendation to use Mercury engine oil.

The 15 Bigfoot model has a larger gearcase designed to haul heavier loads, such as pontoons. This expanded gearcase has a better torque ratio, enabling the use of larger propellers. The 15 Prokicker model is meant to incorporate the best features of the 15 Prokicker Four Stroke, but its construction is purposely lightweight to allow for versatility and use in any number of boating applications.

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History of Outboard Motors

History of Outboard MotorsThe creation of the first practical outboard motor is often credited to Norwegian-American inventor Ole Evinrude in 1909.

Historically, a majority of outboards have been two-stroke powerheads fitted with a carburetor due to the designs inherent simplicity, reliability, low cost and light weight.

In the 1990s, U.S. and European exhaust emissions regulations led to the proliferation of four-stroke outboards. Though fewer in number, four-stroke outboards have always been with us.

Outboard motors benefit from the ability to draw coolant from the water, obviating the need for radiators and cooling fans, thereby simplifying the design and lowering component weight. The motors also have several brands (i.e. Yamalube, Mercury and the creator’s namesake, Evinrude) of oil to choose from, giving the consumer a seemingly infinite amount of options based on their needs.

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New Outboard for Duck Hunters

New Outboard for Duck HuntersJust in time for duck season comes the Mercury Flyway 25 EFI FourStroke outboard with Advantage MAX-4 HD camouflage and matching low-gloss paint, so hunters seeking total stealth no longer need hide an outboard under spray paint, stickers or a bag.

Mercury says if you look carefully, you’ll see that the pattern incorporates cattails, millet, milo, corn stalks, sunflowers, oak and maple leaves, cedar and oak limbs, plus a variety of other plant life. The Flyway 25, available at participating dealers, features battery-free electronic fuel injection system and is available in both electric and manual start models; and, of course, it’s suggested that you use Mercury engine oil with the boat.

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Not All Mercury Causes Poisoning

Mercury engine oil.When you’re prepping your boat over the coming weeks for the summer boating season, don’t forget to use some Mercury engine oil. As a synthetic blend, Mercury will provide the maximum amount of power to your engine, without all the corrosion that typically comes around. Get a bottle soon and have a whole summer for smoothly riding the waves.

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The Simple Addition that Keeps Your Engine Running Well

outboard motor oil

A key element to a smooth running boat is to purchase outboard motor oil that has additives in that will keep your engine clean and prevents wear and corrosion. Additives will also enhance the lubrication of the motor. Several brands such as Evinrude and Mercury sell oil that has said additives in them so as to make your boating experience one with a minimal amount of problems.

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Mercury Quicksilver

Mercury Engine Oil Specifically formulated with a higher concentration marine additive package to meet the needs of:

  • High-horsepower outboard including direct fuel-injected engines in extreme marine operating conditions.
  • Far exceeds Mercury in-house test standards, which are more stringent than the industry’s TC-W3 standard.
  • Cleanest burning – reduces carbon build-up in exhaust system.
  • Superior lubrication.
  • Meets all outboard and personal watercraft manufacturers’ recommendations for use of TC-W2 and TC-W3 oils in pre-mix or oil-injected 2-cycle applications.
  • Provides warranty protection for Mercury, Mariner, Force and Sport Jet and M2 Jet Drive 2-cycle engines.
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