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YamalubeAs the specter of high oil prices looms throughout the summer, you can still find discounted boat oil online. Though many brands have slightly increased their prices, the internet has been a great resource of low priced oil. Name brands such as Yamalube and Evinrude can still be purchased at a low price, especially when compared to other retailers.

Do some research and you’ll no doubt find a great deal.

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Get It Now!


If you’re a loyal Evinrude oil user then you’ll want to pay attention to this post: come July 1st, Evinrude will be slightly increasing their prices by 10%. Now while the number itself may seem a little steep, you have to think that for the overall performance by Evinrude will be worth the price increase.

This change is wide and not localized to any singular retailer, so if you use Evinrude and you plan on taking your boat out soon, you may want to purchase some oil now, while it retails for a lower price.

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Buy Now and Save for the Summer

Buy Now and Save for the SummerOil prices continue to climb and even though we’re still in the last few weeks of the Spring season, you may want to consider buying your outboard motor oil now. As it stands, many retailers – especially online – are still able to carry top notch brands such as Yamalube and Evinrude and discounted prices. Don’t dawdle and get your oil before the Summer starts.

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Evinrude: Reliable as Can Be

Evinrude: Reliable as Can BeAccording to an informal poll on Yahoo, Evinrude motors are among the best motors in terms of reliability, fuel efficiency and horsepower. As is such, you may consider trying out one of their motors for the summer season, perhaps even using Evinrude oil to make sure that you get the full-on experience.

One of the users reported: “[Evinrude] runs stronger, cleaner, and more efficient than any other 4-stroke.” While most of the comments bad mouthed other brands, Evinrude was among one of the brands that had consistently positive reviews.

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The Simple Addition that Keeps Your Engine Running Well

outboard motor oil

A key element to a smooth running boat is to purchase outboard motor oil that has additives in that will keep your engine clean and prevents wear and corrosion. Additives will also enhance the lubrication of the motor. Several brands such as Evinrude and Mercury sell oil that has said additives in them so as to make your boating experience one with a minimal amount of problems.

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Escape the Crunch of Steep Oil Prices

Escape the Crunch of Steep Oil Prices

I think there’s this misconception that those of us who use boats recreationally have a pile of money buried beneath their mattress. I can’t say that I’ve ever had anything more than a stack of comic books and dirty laundry under my bed (when I was a kid), but I can tell you that a pile of money is something that I do not have.

Luckily, I can purchase a 16 gallon drum of Evinrude outboard motor oil for under $500 through It’s a perfect buy for a budget-minded consumer and boat enthusiast such as myself. 16 gallons may not seem like much, but there’s realistically a few weeks out of the year that I can take my boat out, so it works out in the end.

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What is an outboard motor?

Outboard MotorMake your boating experience better with Evinrude Oil and much more!

Outboard motors for a boat are developed as a self-contained unit with engine, subsidiary systems, and propeller, designed to be mounted at the stern (rear) of the craft. They are the most common motorized method of propelling small watercraft.

As well as providing propulsion, outboards provide steering control, as they are designed to pivot over their mountings and thus control the orientation of the propeller. The transmission leg in the water also acts as a rudder even when the propeller is not providing power.

When boats are out of service or being drawn through shallow waters, outboard motors can also be tipped forward trimmed up over their mounts to elevate the propeller and transmission shaft out of the water to avoid accumulation of seaweed or hitting underwater hazards such as rocks.

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An Alert from the US Coast Guard


Reduce emissions with high-efficiency Evinrude motors and Evinrude oil!

Carbon Monoxide Advisory (Generator Exhaust)

Coast Guard Advisory to Recreational Boaters on Carbon Monoxide Hazard Caused by Generator Exhaust
The Coast Guard advises owners and operators of boats to turn off gasoline-powered generators with transom exhaust ports when the swim platform on the stern is in use. The Coast Guard further advises that swimmers should not enter the cavity of a boat designed with a generator emitting exhaust into the cavity between the swim platform and the transom of the vessel. The Coast Guard is concerned about the serious health risk from carbon monoxide poisoning and seeks to prevent loss of life and personal injury.


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Why a Two Cycle E-Tec?

Why Evinrude E-Tec?


EASY TO OWN AND OPERATE Evinrude E-TEC outboards require no scheduled dealer maintenance – that’s right, zero – for the first three years or 300 hours of normal recreational use. Not even gearcase lube.

Evinrude E-TEC uses up to 75% less than typical 2-stroke carbureted engines and up to 50% less outboard motor oil than competitive direct injection engines (when run with Evinrude/Johnson XD 100 oil with optional dealer programming of the Engine Management Module, versus normal TCW3 oil). And you’ll use 30% less oil compared to a 4-stroke with a typical maintenance schedule under normal operating conditions.That’s just the start. The Evinrude E-TEC engines use an exclusive low friction design. There are no belts, no chains, no powerhead gears, no cams, and no mechanized oil pumps.* Reprinted from Evinrude website fact sheet!

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How Can I Improve My Boat’s Fuel Efficiency?

Chick III

Step 1:
Clean the bottom of your boat. Plant and barnacle buildup causes extra friction that burns additional fuel.

Step 2:
Remove excess weight from your boat. If you have a lot of heavy objects in the boat that you do not regularly use, simply remove them. This can account for as much as a 2 percent reduction in miles per gallon.


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Get Your Oil Here!


Boat RacesKey West, FL, Super Boat International Productions Inc. is happy to announce that Throttle Up will be part of the inspecting team with SBIP/APBA Offshore. Starting with the Key West World Championship for the 2008 season. Throttle Up will be checking all of the propellers to make sure they meet the rule book Requirement. “Throttle Up brings to SBIP/APBA Offshore a great addition to our inspecting team, to take it up another level to have the best inspection team in offshore” said John Carbonell, President of SBIP / APBA Offshore “Throttle Up CNC Propellers would like to take this opportunity to thank the SBIP/APBA UIM for allowing us the opportunity to be the OFFICIAL, Propeller Inspectors for the upcoming Key West World Championship races as well as the upcoming 2008 Offshore Racing Season. We are pleased to be part of the Team of Professional Technical Inspectors of the SBIP/APBA UIM” said Matt Croce of Throttle Up Propellers.

Don’t forget your Evinrude oil!

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Synthetic OilI have a 99 merc 115 that has been on synthetic blend for as long as i’ve owned it i’m all out of the blend and was wanting to switch over to full synthetic outboard motor oil, my question is do i have to drain the existing blend remaining in the oil reservoir OR can i just start topping off the reservoir as i use up the oil, next i was wondering is if anyone has hooked up their trolling batteries up in parallel if so how did you do it and how does it work for a 12V motor- thanks!

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