Raising Public Awareness

oil-spillThe majority of human-induced oil pollution occurs on dry land, although maritime spills gain most of the notoriety. For instance, many people are familiar with the Exxon Valdez crude oil spill of 1989. This occurred when an oil tanker made contact with a coral reef in the Gulf of Alaska and unloaded about 11 million gallons of oil into the water. The environmental effects of the oil spill were disastrous, and many species of wildlife were adversely affected.

Despite the overwhelmingly negative impact of this disaster, it at least brought public awareness to the dangers inherent to petrol spills. Back on land, many large industrial operations have created contingency plans for what to do when an oil spill occurs. Many such businesses rely on the Spillpro as a trusted tool in the fight to clean up harmful contaminants. While changing your Evinrude XD100 oil doesn’t pose a threat of this magnitude, it is still important to make sure that you dispose of your used motor oil properly.

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How to Tune an Outboard Motor: Part Four

fuel_filter_autopsy_smallIf you only tune your motor once a year, you should replace the fuel filter each time to ensure optimal performance. The filter is usually at the motor cover end of the fuel pump; the location of the filter can be found in your owner’s manual. When replacing the filter, clean out any water or sediment that may have accumulated in the area.

Next, replace the engine’s cowling and apply a coat of car wax to prevent rusting and corrosion. Now mix some fuel for the motor, combining the proportions of fuel and Evinrude XD100 oil that are specified in your owner’s manual. Once the motor is mounted, start up the engine and check for water flowing from the rear of the engine; this is an indication that the water pump is working. Let the engine warm up, and then adjust the low-speed carburetor jet and take you craft out for a test run. Performing this routine maintenance will keep your boat running smoothly and save you money on costly repairs in the future.

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How to Tune an Outboard Motor: Part One

Although we may be in the dead of winter, that doesn’t mean that you can’t spend time on your boat. In fact, winter is the perfect time to do all of the routine maintenance that you may have neglected during the boating season. As we all know, the motor is the heart of the boat, and while keeping the levels of Evinrude XD 100 oil is essential in keeping your craft in peak condition, it is also important to perform routine tune-ups.

Tuning up your boat motor only needs to be done once a year, and it takes just a few hours. Before you begin, you’ll need the following supplies:engine_fuel_pump

~Owner’s manual
~Empty container
~Replacement parts, grease, oil and wax

Come back tomorrow when we’ll begin to inspect and tune-up the motor.

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Basic Vehicle Maintenance


For any vehicle to run properly, it should be maintained constantly. Vehicles run down because their owners abuse them. You don’t just hop in your car and gas it up and expect it to run at peak performance, and the same thought process should extend to all of your vehicles. Here are some tips to remember to help you keep your vehicle in tip top condition.

~Wash the inside as well as the outside; gunk can build up in the engine over time.

~Have your vehicle checked periodically. Your mechanic should be able to catch any problems that may have arisen since its maiden voyage.

~Change your brake pads as soon as they start to show signs of wear and tear.

~Get an oil change. Choose high-performance Evinrude oil and recycle your old oil.

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Want To Take A Ride In The Snow?

bombardier_snowToday there are literally hundreds of attachments and accessories for your ATV that can make it adept in virtually any climate. Not only will they allow you to tackle treacherous terrain, but they will also make your ride more comfortable, fun and safe. Just search for the right stuff for you and you can be on your way to a lot of fun trips.

You can start with basic maintenance accessories like air filters, oil filters, exhaust, engine parts, batteries and XD50 oil. Your ATV has to run smoothly first before taking it out for a ride. Then you can accessorize with handlebars, bumpers, boot guards, lights, and more. You will also find snow plow accessories so you can ride in the snow. There are so many accessories to jazz up your ATV and it is all up to your creativity.

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Early Season Snowmobile Maintenance: Part Two

SnowmobileYesterday we discussed how to check the Evinrude oil and other vital fluids in your snowmobile. While keeping tabs on these levels is a key element in basic snowmobile maintenance, there are some other key elements to check on a daily basis. Today we will review the systems, levers and switches that should be tested before every ride.

The first thing to investigate is the throttle lever and override system, as well as the brake lever; obviously these items are essential to ensure a smooth ride and proper safety. Also check the starter rope and engine switch before beginning your ride. Finally, take a look at the drive best and track alignment; even if everything looks good, you should always care an extra belt and plugs when you head out. Once these basic systems have been checked, you are ready to warm up the engine, check the lights, and head out.

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Be Safe On Your ATV

We often hear about accidents involving ATVs and children. In fact, hundreds of people die each year as a result of unsafe ATV riding practices. Many of these deaths could be prevented if more ATV owners were educated about safety. Here are some tips you should be aware of if you own or plan to ride an ATV:atv

~Only take your ATV into ATV-designated areas.

~Drive over, not around obstacles to avoid widening the trail.

~Comply with all barriers and warning signs.

~Use the buddy system. Never ride without a friend in case of an accident or breakdown.

~Never forget to wear ATV helmets.

~Perform routine maintenance on your vehicle, like replacing the Evinrude XD100 oil.

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What to Consider When Buying a Boat


Many people are unhappy boat owners because they buy the wrong boat. Before you dive head first into the world of boat ownership, ask yourself a few questions that will help you focus on the kind of boat you will need:

~ Who will use the boat? Just family or will you invite friends? This may have a bearing on the size.
~ How will you use the boat? Will you be fishing, water skiing, cruising, taking day trips, weekend trips or week long excursions?
~ When, and how often, will the boat be used? Do you boat year-round or only seasonally?
~ Where will you operate the boat: in lakes, rivers or on the ocean?
~ How much can you afford to spend? Don’t forget the initial cost of purchase is just the beginning. There will be insurance, registration fees, and instruction and safety course fees, as well as maintenance essentials, like Evinrude oil.
~ What type of boat suits your personality and temperament? Do you imagine getting from place to place with great speed or leisurely sailing to your destination?

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Proper Boat Care for Performance and Longevity

outboardAs most people can deduce, the most important aspect of achieving longevity from your watercraft is proper maintenance. Not only will this add years to the life of your boat, but it will also improve the performance when it’s in use. How you care for your boat will largely depend on where you keep it, whether that is tied to the dock or safely ashore.

Boats that are constantly docked will naturally incur more mildew and will be prone to rusting. When mooring, be sure that all of the ties are securely fastened, the bumpers are out and that the hull is not scraping. Obviously these dangers are not imminent if you keep your boat on land, but it is still important to keep it covered and protected from the elements.

The motor is the heart of your boat, and as such, it requires special attention. To achieve optimal performance, you should flush the motor after every use, and check it for damage and corrosion. Also be sure to inspect all of boat’s systems, such as the cooling, and be sure that there is a good level of Evinrude XD50 oil.

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Guide for Selecting a Used Outboard Motor

outboard motor oilIn a perfect world, we would all be able to afford precisely what our hearts desire. There wouldn’t be much diversity in the boating world, as we’d all be cruising past each other in top-of-the line boats with high-end outboard motors attached to the transom. Just think of all the luxury and convenience we would experience on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we would also miss out on many of the great stories that make boating so much fun. Old, well-worn boats have a certain character that their new counterparts lack. To an extent, the same could be said for outboards themselves.

There are several considerations to make upfront when selecting a used outboard motor for your vessel. They fall into three main categories: age, accessories and brand reliability. First, be sure you understand the difference between age and use. An eight-year-old outboard that has lain dormant inside a garage will be in much better shape than a four-year-old engine that has been run hard and denied basic maintenance. Check to ensure that the motor in question operates with a TC-W3 formulation of outboard motor oil.

Choose the accessories that best complement your pre-existing boat. For instance, find a motor that features cable steering, an electric start and other features that make boating more simple if you have a boat that allows for it logistically. As a final consideration, do some research about the specific brand of motor in which you want to invest. The big names in outboards have remained the same for decades: Yamaha, Evinrude, Mercury.

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Fuel Tanks Beware: The Ethanol Issue

ethanolAs many boaters know, the Environmental Protection Agency has been cracking down of production of inefficient vehicles in recent years – whether they are designed to drive along roads or motor through a waterway. In some respects, the influx of restrictions and guidelines has been a good thing. After all, most boaters want to make as little lasting environmental impact as possible as they go about their hobby.

Unfortunately, all this eco-awareness has led the EPA and many government lobbyists to embrace the ethanol industry. Ethanol is drawn from corn and acts as an excellent solvent when added to regular fuel. It absorbs water, which can be a serious problem in automotive and marine fuel tanks alike. When much more than 10 percent ethanol is present in fuel, a layering effect occurs.

Most outboard motors are not capable of handling the lumpy layer of sediment that seeps to the bottom of a fuel tank when ethanol and water combine. For those with older, fiberglass fuel tanks, it’s best to avoid ethanol whenever possible and to use good water-separating fuel filters the rest of the time. Make sure to replenish your supply with fresh Evinrude outboard oil, and do your research before switching fuel types.

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Getting the Boat Back Up and Running


For as long as I can remember my parents have been avid boaters. Whether it is waterskiing, fishing or just taking a cruise around the lake, they can’t get enough of the water. In recent years they have both been bogged down with work, so our Bayliner has been neglected in a storage shed.

This summer we all finally had some free time and were able to take the boat out on one of the local lakes. Usually my dad is religious with the upkeep of Shirley-as he calls his boat-but after not being taken out for years, we had to do some quick maintenance before launching. My dad and I had to completely flush the engine, replace some rusted bolts, and fill it up with Evinrude XD50 oil.

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