Tune-Up IV: Find and Replace the Fuel Filter

boat-motor-oilToday we present the fourth in our five-part series on annual outboard motor tune-ups. With any luck, this will have given you a better idea of how to go about conducting this yearly routine. As always, it’s critical to follow the maintenance guidelines provided by the outboard manufacturer above all else. Now, let’s move on to the fuel filter. This unit separates fuel from water, in effect allowing the motor to run smoothly and efficiently.

It only stands to reason that before you can replace the filter, you must find it. Not all outboard motors are alike, but generally speaking you’ll find the fuel filter inside the cover at the engine end of the fuel pump. Any water or sediment you find built up within should be removed, then replace the filter with a new one. Next it’s time to turn our attention to the cowling on the engine.

Believe it or not, a thin coat of car wax on the cowling can help keep rust at bay and restore luster. Begin mixing fuel for your 2-stroke outboard according to the proportions recommended in your outboard manual. After combining fresh boat motor oil with fuel, you’re at last ready to drop that engine in the water. Mount it and set it up on the transom without much trimming.

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