Lawnmower Won’t Start!

Lawnmower Won't Start!

When a lawnmower engine won’t start, there’s no need for distress… yet. The most common reason a lawnmower engine fails to start can be attributed to bad gasoline or an incorrect gasoline mixture. For two cycle lawnmower engines, it’s important to create the proper mixture of gasoline and two cycle oil. You should never use old or leftover gasoline, and never store gasoline inside the lawnmower. It’s not at all uncommon for gasoline to sour over the winter, so be sure to start fresh in the spring.

If you are storing gasoline or two cycle oil, be sure to store it in a cool, dry place away from any kind of sparks or flame. For gasoline cans, be sure to keep all the vents closed during storage. For two cycle oil, make sure you are using the right type, and make sure it is clean.

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