Lawn Mower Carburetor Oil Problems


Every so often, I will hear about a problem with a person having oil in their lawn mower engine carburetor. This is a sign that something is amiss; however, it may or may not be serious. The most common reason oil finds its way into the carburetor is if the lawnmower has been tipped over, whether by accident, through storage, or to sharpen the blades. If this has happened, try taking the carburetor off the engine and cleaning it extensively. Replace the carburetor, but do not start the engine. First replace the air filter, and then it’s also a good idea to replace the sparkplug. Drain the oil out of the engine, and then replace the oil with your standard 2 cycle oil or whatever your lawn mower uses.

This is the most common issue and the most common fix, however it could be an incorrect diagnosis, and should this situation happen again, consult a mechanic.

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Premixing Oil for Garden Power Tools

Premixing Oil for Garden Power Tools

Though several garden tools such as chainsaws and weed eaters will have oil injectors, sometimes premixed gas and oil is necessary. Newer garden tool models will often not require premixed gasoline, however older models, and sometimes due to size, weight, or cost it is better to use a gasoline/oil mixture. In general there will be a recommended ratio of gasoline to two cycle oil, and it differs depending on the machine you are using. Check online before you mix gasoline and oil to ensure there will be no permanent damage to your equipment.

Once you have discovered the recommended ratio, simply apply the ratio to the total amount of gasoline, and determine the amount of two cycle oil needed. For example, if your chainsaw has a 16:1 recommended ratio, and a one gallon tank, you will want to use a half pint of two cycle oil.

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What Happens to Used Motor Oil?


Most outboard motor users know the benefits of recycling their used 2 stroke oil, but not everyone knows where that recycled oil goes afterwards. The primary use for used oil is to re-refine it into a base stock for lubricating oil. The process is similar to refining crude oil, and the result is a re-refined oil the same quality of a refined oil. Used oil is also utilized for energy. Some industrial plants will have boilers which can burn used oil with minimum pollution. In addition, some used oil is burned in heaters designed to provide space heating for small offices.

It’s important to recycle oil to help keep harmful toxins out of the environment, and to do your part to fund renewable energy sources.

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Benefits of Purchasing Bulk Oil


When you own an outboard motor, or any kind of engine, your motor will require regular oil changes to keep it in top condition. Most outboard motor owners will change the oil themselves, and instead of purchasing new oil in individual containers before each change, it is wise to stock up on bulk outboard motor oil when it is available at a much lower cost. This will save time and money, and often you will find bulk oil for sale at a bargain price; allowing for several future oil changes. If you intend to use your outboard for a long time, there is no reason not to purchase in bulk.

Bulk outboard motor oil is available for purchase online, and the internet can also be used as a tool to locate local dealers that sell oil in bulk at their physical store.

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Vegetable-Based Motor Oil

bulk motor oilWith the whole world going green, scientists have been hard at work developing synthetic forms of oil. One such oil scientists have been working on for some time is a vegetable oil similar to the stuff many people used to cook their food. This vegetable based chemical oil promises a cleaner more renewable alternative to petroleum-based motor oil. In addition, it is possible that this oil could be produced cheaper, and offer a number of performance enhancing benefits such as preventing engines from overheating, protection from corrosion, and better lubrication.

Though bulk motor oil from vegetables is not viable for the near future, it is possible that in as little as five years there will be more options available.

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Used Motor Oil for Heating

furnace health

I’ve been asked a couple times now by different persons whether it’s possible to burn used motor oil in a home furnace. The answer is that it is possible, however you wouldn’t want to do it. Take your leftover Mercury engine oil from an outboard motor for example, now you could pour it in your home heating oil tank in place of kerosene, or mixed with kerosene, but this will cause a lot of pollution and an awful smell. Used motor oil contains a lot of dirt and grit particles that when burned up, cause environmental damage and will coat surfaces with a black residue.

There are furnaces designed to be run on used motor oil, but these often contain special filters to remove the dirt and grit, and even then are banned in most states for causing unnecessary pollution.

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Proper Disposal of Oil

dispose of oil

When changing the oil in your car, motorcycle, outboard motor, or any kind of engine, it is important that the used oil is disposed of properly. The oil from a single oil change can ruin the taste and quality of a million gallons of drinking water; enough to supply more than fifty people for a year. Whenever changing oil, make sure to drain the used oil into a container. There are special containers designed for oil changes that can make this process easier. Once you have changed the oil several times, you can empty the container for free at several locations. Hardware stores commonly accept used oil, as do boatyards, and automobile repair shops.

For bulk oil, you may have to call around looking for a recycling plant or other location capable of accepting large quantities of used oil.

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Geological Origins of Petroleum

crude oil

Oil, the substance used to power or lubricate a majority of modern machines, is produced in nature by heating and compression of ancient organisms. Petroleum, also called crude oil, is formed from the prehistoric remains of plankton and algae. Over the course of several thousand years these deceased organisms sink into the ground, covered by layers of mud and sediment, and can form into crude oil when specific conditions of heat and pressure are met. Those which do not form into oil form natural gas pockets or into a waxy substance called kerogen.

Once a crude oil pocket is located, it can be drilled and pumped out of the ground, then refined into gasoline, motor oil, diesel fuel, outboard motor oil, jet fuel, kerosene and hundreds of other useful products.

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Oil Injector Problems

quicksilver-mercury-oilNow and then with certain models of outboard motors, the oil injection system will appear to not work properly. However with most oil injection systems, this is a wrong diagnosis. It would seem that an outboard motor can damage itself by running lean, but in actuality, an engine wearing down due to running lean is not related to oil injection. Bearing failure and seizing in engines are oil related; running lean is a carburetion issue.

There are several ways to test the oil in the engine which can be done without a lot of technical knowhow. For example, if using a mercury outboard motor, mark the level of the oil in the tank with the engine perfectly vertical. Then add a known quantity of mercury oil, and mark the new level. If you have a separate tank, add an amount of fuel corresponding to the amount of oil you added in a 50:1 ratio. Run the measured amount of fuel through the engine. The oil level should go to the first mark, if it doesn’t, it’s not oiling at 50:1, and thus something is wrong.

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How to Change Outboard Motor Oil

quicksilver-mercury-oilChanging oil in your outboard motor is much like changing the oil in your car. First you will want to locate the gearcase and loosen the top screw. Next place a drain pan beneath the unit to collect the used oil. Loosen the bottom drain screw and remove it. Let the oil drain for about five minutes, longer if it is slow to drain. Check your oil for metal particles, or if other liquids like water are present. Should either be present, consult a mechanic or qualified service individual.

When the oil is done draining, using mercury oil or your brand of choice, fill the unit from bottom to top, until oil comes out the top screw hole. Screw the top screw in first, and immediately replace the bottom screw. Ensure both screws are tight to prevent leaks.

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Marine Pollution Control


Oil spills are harmful aquatic wildlife and plants, and through permeable surfaces, can enter underground streams and reservoirs and effect drinking water. It is essential to avoid oil spills and provide immediate containment should a spill occur. If a small amount of marine engine oil should be spilled while filling the tank, or as backsplash out of the fuel intake, an oil absorbent sweep is great way to clean up surface spills. The sweep is drawn over the water’s surface to absorb the sheen of oil, and works well for smaller spills.

For pre-emptive protection from an oil spill, remember to change your oil filter often, and also a bilge boom can act to soak up and absorb gas and oil spills before entering the water.

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Buying a Scooter

Boss Scooter

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when buying a new scooter. First of all, when looking at the various different styles of scooters, you will want to also think about how the scooter fits you. Scooters are made to suit different body frames and sizes. You will also want an accurate idea of what you will use the scooter to do. Whether it’s highway, long distance, or short distance travel, this will determine the kind of engine you buy. Another important point is to shop around, and don’t be unwilling to travel longer distances for a better deal. It’s worth it in the long run!

You will also want to keep in mind that scooters use different types of automobile products. For example, you will need Yamalube oil or another type of motor oil suited for small vehicles.

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