Oil Injector Problems

quicksilver-mercury-oilNow and then with certain models of outboard motors, the oil injection system will appear to not work properly. However with most oil injection systems, this is a wrong diagnosis. It would seem that an outboard motor can damage itself by running lean, but in actuality, an engine wearing down due to running lean is not related to oil injection. Bearing failure and seizing in engines are oil related; running lean is a carburetion issue.

There are several ways to test the oil in the engine which can be done without a lot of technical knowhow. For example, if using a mercury outboard motor, mark the level of the oil in the tank with the engine perfectly vertical. Then add a known quantity of mercury oil, and mark the new level. If you have a separate tank, add an amount of fuel corresponding to the amount of oil you added in a 50:1 ratio. Run the measured amount of fuel through the engine. The oil level should go to the first mark, if it doesn’t, it’s not oiling at 50:1, and thus something is wrong.

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How to Change Outboard Motor Oil

quicksilver-mercury-oilChanging oil in your outboard motor is much like changing the oil in your car. First you will want to locate the gearcase and loosen the top screw. Next place a drain pan beneath the unit to collect the used oil. Loosen the bottom drain screw and remove it. Let the oil drain for about five minutes, longer if it is slow to drain. Check your oil for metal particles, or if other liquids like water are present. Should either be present, consult a mechanic or qualified service individual.

When the oil is done draining, using mercury oil or your brand of choice, fill the unit from bottom to top, until oil comes out the top screw hole. Screw the top screw in first, and immediately replace the bottom screw. Ensure both screws are tight to prevent leaks.

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Marine Pollution Control


Oil spills are harmful aquatic wildlife and plants, and through permeable surfaces, can enter underground streams and reservoirs and effect drinking water. It is essential to avoid oil spills and provide immediate containment should a spill occur. If a small amount of marine engine oil should be spilled while filling the tank, or as backsplash out of the fuel intake, an oil absorbent sweep is great way to clean up surface spills. The sweep is drawn over the water’s surface to absorb the sheen of oil, and works well for smaller spills.

For pre-emptive protection from an oil spill, remember to change your oil filter often, and also a bilge boom can act to soak up and absorb gas and oil spills before entering the water.

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Buying a Scooter

Boss Scooter

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when buying a new scooter. First of all, when looking at the various different styles of scooters, you will want to also think about how the scooter fits you. Scooters are made to suit different body frames and sizes. You will also want an accurate idea of what you will use the scooter to do. Whether it’s highway, long distance, or short distance travel, this will determine the kind of engine you buy. Another important point is to shop around, and don’t be unwilling to travel longer distances for a better deal. It’s worth it in the long run!

You will also want to keep in mind that scooters use different types of automobile products. For example, you will need Yamalube oil or another type of motor oil suited for small vehicles.

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Launching Your Boat

boat launch

When launching your boat, whether at a conventional boat launch or in a less trafficked location without a boat launch, there are a few precautions to take before you start boating. First you will want to check the boat motor oil and fuel levels to ensure you have enough of both. Second you will want to inspect your propeller whether you use an outboard motor or an internal. In case you have boated recently, also check the hull of your boat for invasive plant species, this is pertinent for lakes and contained bodies of water.

After you have launched your boat, a few handy items to have for boating include a boat hook, a rope to tie off at docks, and a small dingy or inflatable craft should there be an emergency.

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Oil for Motorcycles and Scooters


When changing the oil in your motorcycle or scooter, it is good to have an idea of how far your vehicle can travel before needing more, and what kinds of oil are best to use. Yamaha “Yamalube” oil tends to be the brand of choice for most motorcycles and scooters. For maximum performance and efficiency, use a Yamalube 2S oil. Most motorcyclists and scooter owners will estimate travel between 400-600 miles from one quart of oil.

However it is good to continue to check your oil level regularly before the light flips on your vehicle.

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Save Money, Use Less Gas


Boating enthusiasts know that frequent summer outings to the lake can end up costing a hefty amount of money. Outboard motor oil and gas are two of the biggest expenses. One tip to save some money is to buy motor oil in bulk. Many brands, like Yamaha 2w oil, can be purchased by the case. Gas saving practices can also save money.Gas Saving Tips:

~Go through the storage compartments in your boat to eliminate extra baggage. Your boat motor burns more gas when your boat’s weighed down.

~Try only using your trolling motor when fishing. Eliminating the use of your primary motor conserves fuel.

~Keep the bottom of your boat clean. When your boat is stored for long periods of time algae grows in the hull. The drag created by the algae forces the engine to use more gas.

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Caring For Your Outboard Engine

stored-boatBoats are just like cars in that if they sit around for long enough they’re probably going to need some maintenance before they can be operated again. Unless you’re in Florida or southern California, it’s likely that you’re not taking your boat out for most of the year. One of the most important things you can do to keep your boat in tip-top shape is to check its oil. A dry engine can mean a dead engine and engines are expensive to replace.

Here’s how you can check your boat engine oil:

1.) Use a light-colored rag to wipe the engine oil off of the dipstick. The dipstick will usually be color colored in order to tell what level the oil is at.
2.) Hold the oil end of the dipstick next to the light-colored rag. If the oil is at the “full” line, your engine oil is at a good level. If it comes up to the “low” line, you need to add some Yamalube 2w oil.
3.) If you notice that the oil is dark, or contains dirt and sand particles, change the oil. If the oil is a deep yellow in color, the oil is fine. Check the boat engine oil before each outing.

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Water-Cooled Engines

water cooled engine bike

There are so many different types of engines out there that it’s a challenge to remember how each one operates. So next time you’re filling your water-cooled engine up with Evinrude xd50 oil you may want to consider that because engines create so much heat during the combustion process they need to be cooled often. Water is much better at conducting heat than air. Water-cooled engines can often be found in motorized bikes.

Here’s how a water-cooled engine works: A water-tight jacket fits around the head and cylinder of the engine to carry heat away from the heart of the engine. The water is then circulated through the tubes in a loop from the cylinder to a radiator, where the water is cooled by air. The water then returns to the engine to pick up some more heat.

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Get Ready For Winter Sports


In less than two months it will officially be winter. Though many people may not look forward to the endless snow and nippy days; others say ‘the more snow the better.’ Winter sports are becoming increasingly popular. Sports like skiing and snowmobiling offer needed outdoor escapes for those trapped in cubicles for the 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. work week.

But before you hope on your snowmobile heading out on that snowy mountain trail it’s important to know some snowmobile safety rules. First, avoid trails with inadequate snow cover. Don’t ever ride on frozen waterways. Be aware of hidden hazards and obstacles beneath the snow. Always abide by signs and barriers. And, make sure your snowmobile is properly tuned up. This involves filling the oil with yamaha 2s oil when needed.

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This Grease Works On Boats & Bikes

two cycle outboard oil

If you are a mini-bike owner you should know that you have options when buying oil. Many people may be confused when shopping for motor oil; there are so many brands and so many types out there that it’s hard to know which ones will work best. It’s good to know that two cycle outboard oil can be used on mini-bikes as well as boats.

Two stroke engine oil works on both water-cooled and air-cooled engines. Mini-bike owners will get the best results when they purchase premium two-stroke oil. Two stroke oils can be found at any auto or marine parts store.

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Outboard Motors

outboard motor boat

I was thinking about buying a boat, but I didn’t really know where to start. I knew that I wanted something fast and spiffy. But I also wanted something that was mechanically sound. A friend of mine told me a priority in buying a boat is to make sure it has a good outboard motor. I had no idea what this meant.

After doing a little online research I realized that outboard motors are so important because they provide steering control for the boat. Outboard motors can be found on most all boats. Just like any motor, outboard motors need oil. It turns out my friend has always used evinrude outboard oil for his boat, so I decided that’s what I would use whenever I found my boat.

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