With Outboard Motor Oil Cost Isn’t Everything

costsOne of the things that really bothered me when I first started to take my boat out on a regular basis was how much it cost for me to purchase all of the motor oil that I had to use in my boat. I knew that motor oil was something that I had to have for my boat of course, but I wondered if I could buy some cheaper oil just so that I could give myself a break.

I started to spend a large amount of time looking at all of the different types of oil that I might be able to use for my boat. I found a lot of cheaper types of oil, but the main problem was that these types of oil were definitely lower quality as well. I thought about switching, but when I read about oil and using low quality oil I decided it just wasn’t something that was worth doing.

I am glad that I made the decision to stay with high quality outboard motor oil since I have heard so many stories about people using the lower quality oils and having all kinds of problems with their outboard motors. I know that in reality, I am getting the better deal when I spend the extra money to go ahead and get some better types of outboard oil.

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