Mercury Oil Helps Power My Year-Round Boating Fun

1-boatingLiving in the Seattle area offers many opportunities for boating. I moved over here from Iowa a few years ago and I have been enjoying taking my boat out year-round. We did some boating in the Midwest and we now get to enjoy our boat all the time out here, where the weather is pretty mild all year long.

Boating is something that my family and I really love. Some of our best memories were made on a boat. We love to get together with friends and family and enjoy boat barbeques and cruising around on the holidays. Our boat is not a huge boat, but it is just roomy enough to fit about ten or so people on it comfortably.

Mercury oil has been helping our boat run smoothly and efficiently for a long time. We have been relying on this oil for many years and it has never let us down. The oil gives the boat’s engine the maximum amount of protection and it works well in all kinds of conditions. Our boat has provided us countless memories of fun thanks to this awesome oil. I can’t wait to take our boat out on the next holiday to enjoy some breathtaking views and some good food.

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