Crabbing On the Bay Wouldn’t Be the Same without Mercury Oil

crabs from crabbingWhen I recently went crabbing out on the bay near my home, I worried most about my engine breaking down, leaving me and my crab pots stranded. I knew that I could lose a pot when the tide came in so I had to make sure that my motor was working perfectly. This meant actually making sure that it had the oil and gasoline that it needed to run.

I try to keep up with putting oil in my motor, but I have not always been the best at making sure that my boat has fresh oil to run with. I have been using Mercury oil since the last time that it broke down since I have discovered that this oil is perfect for my boat. I made sure to get oil in my boat before the crabbing trip just to make sure the fresh oil was there.

It was wonderful to be able to use the right kind of oil in my boat when I was out crabbing all of the time. I was able to focus on the task of putting out my pots and getting them back again without having to worry about whether my boat would be alright for the next run. It was great to be able to rely on my boat and on my oil.

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