The Benefits of Oil Recycling

The Benefits of Oil RecyclingClean Water: By recycling your used outboard motor oil, you keep it out of rivers, lakes, streams and even your ground water. In many cases, that means keeping it out of your drinking water, off our beaches and away from wildlife.

Recycling the motor oil from one oil change protects a million gallons of drinking water – or a year’s supply for 50 people.

Save Energy and a Resource: Motor oil doesn’t wear out – it just gets dirty. As it circulates through your engine it picks up a variety of contaminants and becomes dirty or used and needs to be replaced. If you are one of the millions of do-it-yourselfers who drops off your oil at a collections center or uses curbside pickup you are conserving energy for future generations.

If one gallon of used motor oil is reprocessed and burned as fuel, it will generate enough electricity to power everything in your home for a day.

Recycling Used Oil: Used motor oil can be reprocessed into fuel that warms your home in the winter and cools it in the summer. It can be burned in furnaces for heat, or in power plants to generate electricity for homes, schools and businesses. Processed motor oil can also be used in industrial burners, mixed with asphalts for paving, or blended for marine fuels.

Used motor oil can be re-refined into lubricating oils that meets the same certification and specifications as new or virgin motor oil thus conserving energy resources for the future.

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Oil Prices Slide as Summer Looms Closer

Oil Prices Slide as Summer Looms CloserAs the Associated Press is reporting, bulk oil prices have slid today to $116 a barrel. The news comes as the spring season enters the home stretch and Americans prepare for the summer – a season that is most popular for vacationing and leisure activities such as fishing and boating.

The decrease in oil prices was due to the end of a refinery strike in Scotland, which adds to the falling demand of oil, though gas prices are still averaging at $3.67 throughout the U.S.

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The Many Benefits of Recycling

The Many Uses of Recycled Motor Oil

Oil BarrelRecycling used outboard motor oil keeps oil out of landfills and ensures that this oil is available for re-use, reconditioning, reprocessing or re-refining.

From a purely environmental point of view, the best thing that the motor oil consumer can do is to buy a longer-lasting oil. In that way, less used oil is generated in the first place.

Over 380 million gallons of used oil is recycled each year according to the U.S. EPA, which equates to over 50 percent of all motor oil purchased annually.

Currently, used motor oil can be re-used or recycled one of three ways-reconditioning, reprocessing or re-refining. It is important to note that each process can be important in helping to manage the overall volume of used motor oil in the U.S.


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Must Have Info – Read This!

Help Preserve Healthy Coastline with Evinrude XD 50 Engine OilAn Environmental Guide for Watercraft Operators
Reprinted from Evinrude XD 50 Engine Oil website
©Personal Watercraft Industry Association

All boaters participate in the ecosystem, a system created by the interaction of a community of organisms with their environment. We are not separate from nature, but a part of it. As boaters, we cannot ignore the effect we have on the environment. The waters that we enjoy may be impacted by our actions. Every boater has a responsibility to learn and use environmentally safe boating practices and products (like Evinrude XD 50 Motor Oil) that will protect the waters for the future.

As a watercraft rider, you are considered a boater. Watercraft are defined as Class A inboard boats by the U.S. Coast Guard and are required to follow most boating regulations.

The Personal Watercraft Industry encourages you to adopt the following simple guidelines to preserve our natural resources.

Beware and show you care by following these general rules.


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